10 Essentials for Traveling in Cold Weather

The warmer months are coming to an end and its time to prepare for winter travel. Most places in the U.S. tend to get a bit chilly in the winter, with some places even dropping down to 0 degrees. In this weather, it’s very important to know what to pack on any winter trips. In this article, we laid out 10 packing essentials that we and countless others have used. They keep you warm, dry, and able to enjoy your winter trip.



Hats are an absolute essential when traveling in cold weather. It protects your head and ears from the cold, which can help prevent colds. While most people think of hats as one of the last items for protection against the cold, it is actually one of the most important. Choose one that covers your heads and part of the back of your neck.



Another important travel essential is the right shoes. When walking around in snow or in the rain, casual sneakers would not be the right fit. Instead, choose some winter boots that are weatherproof and relatively light. By choosing the right shoes for you, your feet can stay dry and warm.


Heavy Coat/Rain Jacket

Snow and rain is common throughout much of the United States, especially in the winter. For this reason, it’s always best to pack a heavy coat and a rain jacket. The heavy coat is designed to keep you warm and comfy even in the chilliest weather, and the rain jacket keeps the cold rain off you. These two jackets are a must have during winter travel.



While you may not want to bring your ugly Christmas sweater, it is definitely important to pack a sweater that you can wear under your heavy coat or rain jacket. In the semi-cold states (down South), a sweater alone may be enough to keep you warm during the winter. Other than keeping you cozy, they also make you look more stylish when worn right. This can’t hurt when you go out for dinner on a cold night.


Thermal Underwear

One of the most useful pieces of clothing in cold places is thermal underwear. You can’t see them when you wear your outfit, but they do an amazing job keeping you warm underneath. While they pack small in a travel bag, don’t underestimate the power of thermal layers!



Sweatpants and leggings offer a comfy choice for winter travel apparel. Depending on the material, sweatpants keep your lower body insulated and warm. Leggings are a great choice to be comfortable in a semi-warm environment, like maybe inside a winter cabin/lodge. In super harsh winters, pairing sweatpants/leggings with thermal underwear is a great idea.



If you’ll be outside during cold and snowy times, throwing on a pair of good gloves will keep your hands and fingers cozy. For gloves, we recommend a pair of light ones with weatherproof material. This way, they won’t be overly bulky and uncomfortable. For mittens, a pair of thick wool mittens will keep your hands warm even in the coldest temperatures.



If you want to sip on some hot chocolate or coffee when outdoors in chilly temperatures, we recommend you invest in a good thermos. While most thermos’ sold in department stores will keep your drink/food warm for a bit, they eventually get cold. Finding a good thermos may take some research and digging, but we assure you it will be worth it.


Waterproof Day Bag

If you’ll be somewhere that rains and snows a lot, we recommend you purchase a waterproof day bag. In here, you can store your phone, camera, wallet, etc., and know they’ll be dry and safe. You can also stuff a few extra layers in it, just in case it gets colder later in the day.



Wintertime is a great time to make amazing memories, and what better way to capture them through a camera? If you’re looking for professional pictures, a DSLR might be the pick for you. But most people will be happy with a good point-and-shoot camera, which takes reliable pictures and usually have a long battery life. Enjoy your trip, and log the memories with a reliable camera!


Winter is an amazing time to travel, and we hope you’ll take these 10 essentials with you on your trip. It’ll be beneficial for your warmth AND health, so we consider it a wise investment by packing these items. If you’re looking for a reliable and budget-friendly way to travel as a group, we recommend you consider a charter bus. Here at Prompt Charters, we consistently offer reliable service, budget-friendly prices, and unparalleled comfort in our vehicles. We would love to help orchestrate your winter travel!

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