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Activities in San Francisco During Covid-19

While a ton of San Francisco is as yet shut, there are still a lot of ways you can appreciate the world external your home or condo while keeping up friendly separating conventions.

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Regardless of whether you’re with fundamental collaborators needing some group building fun, a school bunch looking for some off-screen enhancement, or simply your flat mates or family who are worn out on being inside, Prompt Charters is here to help you.

Simply gather together your set up case of individuals, educate us regarding your agenda, and bring a cover and some hand sanitizer, and we’ll deal with the rest. Our group can discover you a ride that best suits your outing needs—from minibus transports for your little group to full-measure sanction transport rentals with a lot of space to stay away from different travelers while out and about. Relax realizing your rental will be completely cleaned when your excursion, and your driver will be wearing legitimate PPE the whole time.

Not certain what’s on the table for your excursion? We’ve gathered together a few exercises your travelers can in any case appreciate while social removing in San Francisco:

In case you’re a nearby, you’ve likely been there and done that as of now. Yet, on the off chance that you haven’t, why not endeavor out and see the sights? The very best San Francisco vacation destinations are outside at any rate!

Lombard Street


This spot is frequently credited as the “crookedest road in San Francisco.” While the title isn’t by and large evident (the SF road with the most hair clip turns is on Potrero Hill), Lombard Street is certainly the most tastefully satisfying “crookedest road” in the city—so make a trip to appreciate the adorable design of the contiguous houses and the manicured greenery!

Sanction Bus Tip: Your motorcoach will not have the option to deal with the road’s exciting bends in the road, however it can drop you off at the top. From that point, everybody can stroll down the flights of stairs at one or the other side of the road, take a selfie at the base with the road behind you, and have your transport get together with you at the close by stacking region.

The Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge

There are a lot of spots in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge from far off—however there’s in no way like encountering it very close. Also, since the scaffold is seeing about 33% of the traffic it typically does, it’s the ideal chance to take in the perspectives from SF’s most notorious milestone.

All 1.7 miles of the Golden Gate’s walkways are available to people on foot and bicycle traffic. Which side of the scaffold you’re allowed to stroll on (the eastern walkway or western walkway) relies upon the hour of day and season, so get your work done before you set out.

What’s more, indeed, the extension is open to people with wheelchairs and other portability gadgets! You’ll be coordinated to remain on the East Sidewalk (so know about when this side is open), and your transport driver can meet you on the opposite side in an ADA-agreeable vehicle, prepared to whisk you to your next objective.

Japanese Tea Garden

In case you’re feeling somewhat focused on of late (aren’t we as a whole?), this quiet pocket of greenery and cascades offers a pleasant escape in Golden Gate Park. Go for a stroll with your friends and family and appreciate the characteristic arranging and engineering of the ranch style tea house!

In the event that you’ve visited previously, however, anticipate that your next visit should be somewhat unique. For a certain something, the nurseries are just open Wednesday through Sunday now, and visitors are urged to buy affirmation on the web. A considerable lot of the winding path have been changed over to single direction pathways, and just 100 individuals are permitted on the grounds all at once. Washrooms and spots with high-contact surfaces like the lofty extensions are as yet shut. What’s more, as at most open air attractions in SF these days, veils are needed to enter the nurseries.

Hang Out in a Public Park

There are 220 stops in San Francisco—one each half-mile—so your set up unit shouldn’t have an issue discovering one with sufficient space to stay away from others. Get a mission burrito from one of your #1 nearby diners and your grown-up refreshment of decision (drinking is legitimate in most recreational areas here), and head to your number one green space!

Know that Golden Gate Park has shut down a few east-west roads to make walkways more extensive for social-removing people on foot—uplifting news if your gathering needs to stroll from one finish to the next, yet disappointing news with regards to exploring and discovering road stopping. To be protected, guarantee the motorcoach-accommodating part close to Concourse Drive is open, and if not, immediate your transport driver to stop close to Ocean Beach.

On the off chance that your park visit incorporates a stop at Dolores Park or the Conservatory of Flowers, watch out for lines of chalk traces in the grass. These “social separating circles” (and hearts!) are by and large 6 feet from one another, so you and your buddies know precisely the distance away to remain from different picnickers.

Contract Bus Tip: If your gathering isn’t happy with remaining in line at a jam-packed café while sitting tight for takeout, consider bringing your own outing snacks from home. Your sanction transport rental will have a lot of extra room under the transport to stash coolers and sandwiches until it’s an ideal opportunity to eat.

Hit the Beach

San Francisco isn’t actually known for its sea shore scene as is LA, yet now’s as great a period as any to appreciate some time watching the waves.

The catch? Like most California sea shores, the shores of SF are just open for dynamic use, such as swimming, surfing, strolling, running, and trekking. As of this composition, your gathering will not have the option to spread out and sun on the sand (not that you’d truly need to—the sea shores here are cold!). However, in the event that your children or flat mates need to escape the house, stretch your legs, and take in the pungent air through your veil, we suggest these San Francisco sea shores:

Sea Beach

Fun truth: essentially the whole west shoreline of Greater San Francisco is a sea shore—the suitably named Ocean Beach. During ordinary occasions, this sea shore is known to be an awesome spot for huge fires. Tragically, the fire pits are shut (and you’re not permitted to light a fire outside of them) so the weenie dish should stand by.

Notwithstanding, Ocean Beach is as yet the city’s longest stretch of sand—3.5 miles, to be accurate—which implies your gathering ought to have no issue discovering space away from others for your beachfront yoga meetings, morning runs, or easygoing riding adventures.

Contract Bus Tip: The north finish of the sea shore has an enormous, transport cordial parking garage directly close to the sand, and your transport driver will gladly take care of whatever assets you leave in the lodge. That implies you will not need to stroll far to get to your towels, water bottles, and electronic gadgets during your sea shore trip.

Cook Beach

Sometime in the past this north-end sea shore became busy essentially consistently—somewhat on the grounds that it’s the nearest naked sea shore to downtown, and in part since it offers the best perspectives on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Presently, however? The groups have dispersed as of late, making it an extraordinary spot to take in that Bay breeze while social separating. The parking areas closest the sea shore have as of late returned to the general population, yet in the event that for reasons unknown there isn’t sufficient space for your motorcoach, request that your transport driver drop you off along Gibson Road and park close to the Fort Winfield Scott ball fields.


Twin Peaks

The 360-perspective on the city from Twin Peaks is definitely justified even despite the outing, in any event, when you haven’t been stuck inside for quite a long time. Prior to the pandemic, climbers who needed to arrive at the top without driving would make some risky memories rising, since the lone path is directly close to occupied roadways. Yet, since the way to the top is shut to limit enormous groups at the top, the 2-mile climb up Twin Peaks is a lot simpler—and more available to people with portability helps! Simply stay on the cleared street as far as possible up, and your climbing gathering will be there in a matter of seconds.

Contract Bus Tip: Normally, we’d suggest having your sanction transport rental drop everybody off at the transport cordial parking area close to the culmination so you can climb toward the northern and southern pinnacles. In any case, since the way to the top is shut to vehicles, your driver should drop everybody off close to the San Francisco School of the Arts and discover road leaving nearby while your climbers start the cleared rising to their favored post point.

Grounds End

Albeit the Lands End guest focus, bistro, and close by Cliff House exhibition hall are shut until additional notification, your gathering can in any case climb along the 3.4-mile circle trail that breezes through the recreation center.

This oceanfront park is basically filled with concealed diamonds (read: less pedestrian activity and sparser groups). The stone maze is a fun brainteaser for both youthful and old, and bird peered toward climbers can veer off the path a couple of yards for a more intensive glance at the Octagon House, a neglected Victorian watch house looking like—you got it—an octagon.

Contract Bus Tip: When the guest place is going, ordinarily your sanction transport driver would have the option to leave in one of the five assigned transport spots in its parking area. Yet, while the middle is shut, your driver will have better karma finding a spot close to Sutro Heights or northern Ocean Beach.