5 Historic (and Patriotic) Sites to Visit for Presidents Day

It comes by every year, but how often do we remember it? Yes, I’m talking about Presidents Day. Sure, a lot of us don’t have work or school, but for what reason? This year, on February 18th, America celebrates George Washington’s birthday as a federal holiday, also known as Presidents Day. From Washington to current presidents, each has impacted America and left behind a legacy. Presidents Day is set apart to honor those leaders who have guided America through the years. An amazing way to honor that is to visit one of these 5 historic and patriotic sites below for Presidents Day. Perhaps, even make it a weekend getaway trip with your family.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Other than government buildings, there might not be any place more “president-celebrating” than Mount Rushmore. The mountain is set in Black Hills Mountain Range in South Dakota. It’s not the location that is important, but what’s on the mountain. Carved into the granite is the faces of four of America’s greatest leaders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. These Presidents are perhaps America’s most famous presidents, and each played an important role. From Washington’s leadership to Lincoln’s freedom to all slaves, each of these great men shaped America to what it is today. Mount Rushmore is a perfect historic place for anyone, especially for a visit on Presidents Day.

Freedom Trail, Massachusetts

At the time of America’s founding, Boston played a very important role. It was here where the “Shot heard around the world” was fired, beginning America’s War for Independence. Aside from important battles fought at Boston, it was also where important colonists leaders spoke out and made decisions. Freedom Trail highlights the important areas of Boston by linking them through the trail. Some of America’s oldest buildings lie on the trail. The red-brick and cobblestone path takes visitors to 16 significant historic sites, winding from Boston Commons to Bunker Hill Monument. If you can make it to Boston, you can’t miss walking the good ol’ Freedom Trail.

Independence National Historic Park, Pennsylvania

Many important buildings, structures, and documents of America’s founding can be found at Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the most historic sites in the national park is Independence Hall. It was here where the original Declaration and Constitution of the United States were “debated, drafted, and written.” Within, you can still find the original copies of the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. Across from Independence Hall, you can find the Liberty Bell Center. Like its name implies, this is the home of the original, cracked Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell was once mounted in the tower of Independence Hall, but it began to crack over time. After several unsuccessful attempts at repairing the metal bell, they put the bell in what is now the Liberty Bell Center. The national park also contains several other historic sites, like the United States’ first bank. Independence National Historic Park is definitely a must-see for every proud American.

Federal Hall National Memorial, New York

The New York Federal Hall is the birthplace of American government. Not only was it the location where George Washington swore the oath of President of the United States, but it was also the meeting place for the first Congress and the first Capitol of the United States. This was where many important decisions that have impacted American life today were made. Federal Hall was also the home of the Supreme Court and the Execute Branches of the government. Today, the original building has been replaced by a Customs House, but it still serves as a museum and memorial to our first President and the history of our government. Inside, you can find original copies of several acts and laws, as well as the Bible Washington was sworn into office with. We recommend that you plan a visit to New York with a visit to Federal Hall National Memorial as part of your itinerary.

The National Mall, Washington D.C.

No, this isn’t a shopping mall. The National Mall is actually the park containing several of America’s most important building. The long, grassy strip of land contains both the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Towards the east end of the park, you can find our nation’s Capitol building. Towards the north, you can find one of the most protected buildings in the United States, the White House. Inside, you’ll probably find the President doing his job, but its very rare to meet him. Usually, people aren’t allowed into the White House unless within a tour or they have special access. A word of caution: do not try to get into the property without permission, as you most likely will get tackled (or shot) and arrested. Exploring certain areas within the White House without clearance may not be such a good idea either. If you can get a chance, visiting the National Mall and its sites make for an amazing, educational trip.

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