5 Travel Gadgets to Buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Its almost that day where stores and websites have massive sales and discounts: Black Friday. This weekend, millions of products will be sold for discounted prices throughout the United States. Thousands flock to department stores and grab whatever they can get their hands on. While many go to find random items they probably don’t need, it’s always best to have an idea of what exactly you’re looking for. Below is a list of 5 travel gadgets that you should buy on black Friday and cyber Monday.



While this may not a travel specific item, no trip is complete without a reliable camera. A camera is a great way to log memories for years to come. If you’re looking to take only good, basic shots, we recommend you opt for a point-and-shoot camera like the Canon g7x or the g7x mark ii. If you’re more tech savvy, you might want to consider looking for a drone. DJI has been leading the industry for years, and their Mavic Pro is a great option for those looking for aerial images and 4k video. A GoPro is also a great choice for action shots and videos. Whatever you choose, we assure you a camera will be worth the investment.



If you’ve ever packed clothes into a backpack or suitcase, you’ve noticed that most are wrinkled by the time you take them out. That’s where a mini travel iron comes in. They are small, so they pack easily, but they still pack plenty of heating power to get those pesky wrinkles out. A very popular option is the Steamfast Mini Travel Steam, an iron that only needs 15 seconds to heat up and get clothing wrinkles out.


Portable Powerport/Charger

A portable charger is always convenient for charging your devices on the go. Carrying a portable charger to charge your phone is a great idea, but what about a charging device for your tablet, laptop, camera, etc.? Well, a powerport is the best fit for this scenario. The Anker PowerPort 6 is basically a power bank with plenty of spots, ensuring that all your devices can charge fast at the same time.


Smart Luggage

While we’re still in the early days of smart luggage devices, the concept is very promising and beneficial. A smart luggage suitcase allows you to track the case from your phone, as well as allowing you to check if it has been opened. Most also feature charging for other devices. A popular option is The Carry On from Away. It features USB charging, clothing separators, and a hard shell that can withstand a beating.


Wireless Network

These days, there’s so many mini devices that offer essentially a wireless network, but few are actually reliable. The goTenna Mesh is a great way for adventurers to stay connected to the grid, no matter where you are. With the pocket-sized device, you can use your phone to send texts, even when there is no cell service. You can also communicate privately to others who use the device within 4 miles. If you plan on traveling in a group, a goTenna Mesh is a very useful and beneficial device.


These items are just a few of many useful items for travel. Speaking of travel, are you looking to take a trip somewhere as a group? We recommend doing so in a charter bus, with prices being significantly lower than airfare costs. Here at Prompt Charters, we’ve been offering reliable service with budget-friendly prices for years. We’ve been rated as one of the best nationwide bus chartering companies, for a number of reasons. For a personalized quote, give our agents a call at  1-877-277-6678. Want to learn more about what type of buses and vehicles we offer? Visit www.promptcharters.com


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