50 Fun Fall Activity Ideas

It’s finally that wonderful time where the air gets cooler and the leaves change into beautiful orange, yellow, and red colors. The air is clean and crisp, and the weather is finally cooling down. While summer may be the most awaited time of the year, fall offers a chance to take a break from the warmer months and head into a more relaxed time. Need some inspiration for coming up with ideas? Don’t worry, Prompt Charters has you covered! This article consists of 50 fun fall activity ideas that you can do with friends, family, or just by yourself. Happy reading!


  1. Take a camping trip
  2. Go on a nature hike
  3. Attend a local fall festival
  4. Navigate through a corn maze
  5. Attend a local football game
  6. Go fruit picking at a field/orchard
  7. Go on a hayride
  8. Make fall pies
  9. Rent a cabin in the mountains
  10. Roast marshmallows
  11. Collect beautiful and interesting leaves
  12. Have a picnic at a local forest or park
  13. Build a bonfire
  14. Make tasty smores
  15. Visit an amusement park
  16. Host a fall party in your backyard
  17. Visit family in other cities/states
  18. Visit a national park
  19. Take the kids kite-flying
  20. Travel during Thanksgiving break
  21. Take a countryside drive
  22. Go pumpkin picking
  23. Make popcorn
  24. Roast pumpkin seeds
  25. Run a fall race
  26. Help your kids make DIY fall decorations
  27. Visit a petting zoo
  28. Carve a pumpkin as a family
  29. Enter a pumpkin decorating contest
  30. Take a bike ride through the countryside as a family
  31. Make hot chocolate
  32. Jump into a huge leaf pile
  33. Host a fall scavenger hunt
  34. Attend a fall parade
  35. Visit a local farm
  36. Schedule a family photoshoot
  37. Make handprint turkeys with the kids
  38. Tell funny/scary stories by the fireplace
  39. Make a fort out of leaves
  40. Make personalized Thanksgiving place mats for the fam
  41. List what you’re thankful for as a family
  42. Go hunting for Thanksgiving dinner
  43. Attempt to recreate an old family recipe
  44. Take part in a chilli cook-off competition
  45. Volunteer at local shelters and food kitchens
  46. Donate food and clothes to the less fortunate
  47. Take a hot air balloon ride
  48. Begin Christmas shopping
  49. Make a special dessert for Thanksgiving dinner
  50. Have a family movie night

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