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Guide to the corporate team-building trips

Corporate group travel can be both useful and enjoyable for employees. They should be an opportunity to broaden your network, enhance your company’s exposure, and create memorable experiences.

Securing secure and dependable group transportation, on the other hand, should be the least of your concerns.

Whether your team is going for a business conference or making a brief inter-city journey to a company offsite, our charter bus rental is right for you and your budget. We have a variety of buses that are in top-notch conditions. We will give important tips and information you need to plan your next corporate team-building trip in this blog.


Here’s how to handle business travel for any size company:
  • Select a good bus company
  • Develop corporate travel policies and approval procedures.
  • Organize and use real-time travel expenditure data
  • Ensure 24-hour travel assistance.
  • Improve administrative and financial collaboration

Start with the transportation arrangements.

First, make your group’s travel arrangements in advance. This might include flying, taking the train, renting a charter bus, or even boats. Visualize the different steps of the journey from point A to point B. Consider the route from beginning to end, weighing travel hours against cost and convenience.

Make a list of how long it will take to get from the hotel to the office, the distance of your hotel from tourists spots, and whether luggage storage is necessary.

Plan your accommodation

Of course, planning for business travel is only half the battle. It is also critical to select the finest hotel for your needs. If you only have one appointment to attend, book a local hotel rather than an expensive choice that may be a stressful 45-minute drive away.

You can use your smartphone’s maps to calculate distances from the station or airport to your hotel – and keep in mind that roads and transportation networks will be busier at different times of the day.

Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities may take various forms, including fun games, treasure hunts, bone fire, and quiz nights. These activities allow your employees to unwind after a busy day of work while also providing them with a unique opportunity to spend time with their coworkers. These sorts of activities should be incorporated into your onboarding process or business culture to enhance employee morale and create long-term friendships.

Training session

Training in a group is the most cost-effective way to ensure that all new workers are onboarded simultaneously. This may require planning for offsite training sessions in remote locations where transportation may be difficult.

The easiest approach to getting your new workers to the training project on time is to organize a shuttle service or lease a bus. Using public transportation may not ensure that everyone arrives on time, but chartering a bus allows you to work around a predetermined timetable and even build your unique route.

Allow employees to serve themselves

Booking a group travel trip for team members is often the simplest method for many businesses to stay compliant and control expenditures. However, the more you allow employees to plan their trips, the less work your administrative and financial staff have to do. For example- if an employee wants to travel by train due to health reasons and your group travels by bus, let them book their trip by themselves. It will lessen the burden on you.

Be adaptable

The secret to a successful group business trip is flexibility. As with most corporate regulations, you must maintain control without coming off as a nagging parent. While rules and limits are important, employees are happiest when they have some leeway.

You should have a trip budget to save money and keep team members satisfied. Don’t restrict yourself to just a few spots or travel itineraries. For example- if an employee wants to go to a particular spot not on your existing list, consider their suggestions. It will give nothing but make your employee feel valued. In such situations, booking our charter bus can help you explore more destinations cost-effectively.

Not quite convinced to book a charter bus? No need to worry! All you need is to give information about your team-building trip’s destination, size, and dates; we’ll send you an email with a quotation to go over with your planning committee and supervisors. You are welcome to call us at 877-277-6678 for a free charter bus quote to understand charter bus prices better.

Fun Activities For Your Next Visit To San Francisco

San Francisco is the 13th most populated in the U.S. and the second-highest population density in the region. The city shot to acclaim in 1849 as the home of the Californian Gold Rush and made it the biggest city on the West Coast.

San Francisco city is renowned for its cafés, and the absolute best cook’s in the nation are sufficiently fortunate to call this home. With such plenty of things to do in this stunning city, let us explore some of the fun activities to do in San Francisco.

san francisco
San Francisco skyline

Visit San Francisco on a Charter bus

Do you have some first-time visitors in your group? Our charter bus tour can help you visit every spot of San Francisco with ultimate comfort and luxury. Once you book our charter bus or minibus, you can take as many stops as you want. We also take care of your comfort and keep the bus in top-notch condition to ensure your comfort while exploring the city.

Picnic at Golden Gate

Take in the stunning tour in and around Golden Gate Park while enjoying your favorite food. If the climate is acceptable, you’re staggeringly fortunate. You can start a bonfire and enjoy a snowy evening with your group. Bring your favorite packet of chips and beverages, have some good times with your friends in the lap of this famous vacation destination on the planet.

Come close to jellyfish.

Aquarium of the Bay, a public aquarium, is on the waterfront of San Francisco and situated on PIER 39. You can come close to jellyfish to enjoy an unforgettable experience in this public aquarium. The aquarium has a mission to ensure the fishes and the creatures living in the bay.

When you are inside the aquarium of the bay, you will see 300 feet of clear passages brimming with 700,000 gallons of water. This water supports 20,000 creatures from the bay and encompassing areas. You can also see a leopard shark and be entranced by the walls of jellyfish.

The House Of Air Trampoline Park

Jump with your group towards the sky and put your hands in the sky as high as possible! Collectively, you can appreciate great group activities in an indoor trampoline park, which additionally incorporates a dodgeball region and a go-karting track. With the tasty food and vibrant environment, you will end up resting memories that will last forever.

Test Your Skills at The Escape Game

Test your team collaboration in The Escape Game’s hour-long exciting adventures. The Escape Game highlights five distinctive themed experiences – The Heist, Prison Break, Gold Rush, Playground, and Special Ops: Mysterious Market. It’s an extraordinary way for groups to meet and challenge each other to finish the mission.

Wine tours

Take a full-day wine tour from San Francisco to Napa or Sonoma.  Visit Napa Valley, one of the great wine regions of the World, to taste wines of different types.

At Prompt charters, our reserved bus will take you there. Regardless of whether you need the full, formal experience of a Napa Valley wine sampling or a more laid-back Sonoma County outing, we will make everything easy for you. Your group can do everything from cooking close by the area’s most capable cooking experts to hot air ballooning.

Ride in a cable car

The cable car is something you can’t miss on a trip to San Francisco. Yes, because it is the last manually operated car system in the World. To enjoy the most prominent view of the city, take the Powell Hyde Line from the Powell & Market stop. Make sure you take extra care while hanging to the cable car.

San Francisco is a vibrant city and has enough places to make you fall in love with the city. You can experience tons of activities in the city while keeping yourself safe even in these turbulent times. To get a free charter bus quote, call us now at 877-277-6678 !

Tips to Plan Your Next Family Trip to Orlando

While planning a trip to Orlando, you need to consider several things to consider. Right from travel style and accommodations, you need to plan everything ahead of time. If you’re planning a family trip from Orlando, the team at Prompt Charters can provide you with charter buses to enjoy your family trip with ultimate safety.

For both large and small groups and families, a charter bus or a minibus is a safer and efficient choice for traveling an hour or more. Read this blog to know useful tips to plan your most unforgettable family or group trip to Orlando.


Planning the Orlando trip

Suppose you have the flexibility to plan your trip during less crowded times. In that case, you’ll be able to spend less time waiting in lines, spend more time experiencing the attractions and everything else Universal has to offer, and, if you would like, enjoy the resort at a more leisurely pace.

You’ll also spend less money because Universal uses a surge pricing model for both its park tickets and its hotels and charges less for both during the OFF seasons. Less crowded times generally include January to mid-February, April, early May, September, and October.

Book Accommodations Ahead of the Time

Resorts in Orlando stay a significant draw with themed plans and exceptional advantages. Some Orlando resort inns charge as high as $800 each night, contingent upon the area and conveniences’ of course.

Notwithstanding lodgings, Orlando offers many get-away rentals at a low cost. Large numbers of these rental homes are additionally situated close to top attractions, including Disney World and Universal Studios.

Avoid over-spending

If you are going to visit Orlando for the first time, take care of your budget. As you travel with family, expenses can increase easily, and you might spend more than your trip budget. The parking fees at amusement parks are as much as $20 per day at each park. Plan to spend a specific amount of money for each day and stick to it.

A Beach Day Won’t Hurt.

At first, it might appear odd to plan a beach day on an Orlando trip, yet visitors need it. Carnivals fill the schedule, so when do families possess energy for unwinding? Relax. Orlando includes four beaches inside a two-hour drive, including Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Canaveral National beach, and Tampa Bay.

A day at the beach gives a truly necessary break from the adventure. The mesmerizing waves and watching marine life will revive everybody for sure.

Prepare to Wait and Walk

During the late spring months, rides in Orlando can run somewhere around one hour and more for tourist spots like Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Likewise, parks are bigger than they show up on TV or the web. With every one of the five parks, Disney World measures 40 square miles, while Universal’s two parks consolidated measure 840 sections of land. Thus, tie your shoelace and be prepared for long walks.

Contingent upon the park, ride passes are accessible and can decrease queue times. Nonetheless, plan to stand and wear water-safe shoes and plunk down to rest. Families with smaller kids should be extra careful.

Things to Do in Orlando

Orlando’s raison d’etre is one of the best amusement parks and its awesome rides and attractions, large numbers of which are among the best in the U.S. The first park, Universal Studios Florida, is a tribute to Hollywood and the films and TV programs made there. Presently, everything about the park is transporting guests behind the scenes to show the renowned movies and show-making process.

The subsequent door, Islands of Adventure, is more of a fantasy-focused amusement park, with islands dedicated to Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Marvel superheroes, Dr. Seuss, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

● You will need to experience Universal Orlando’s best rides and attractions, especially if           you’ll only have a limited amount of time.
● Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter- the most lavishly themed parklands ever                   created.

You can explore Orlando without spending much using our Chartered bus service. We offer almost all types of buses for different types of tours. Call us now  at 877-277-6678 to book a chartered bus or minibus for your next group trip to Orlando.

Quick Tips for Booking the Right Bus for Your Group

Whether we travel with family, friends, or office groups, the memories we create while traveling lasts for a lifetime. Everything becomes way more enjoyable when your choose everything carefully, from vehicle to destination. Planning a trip can be daunting, and make sure you plan well and ahead of time to avoid last-minute surprises.

While planning a group trip, you need to consider everyone’s needs and suggestions while booking the conveyance or accommodation. Call our customer support team at to ask your queries regarding the bus types and services we offer for group travel. We make sure you get the most comfortable and fully sanitized bus to make your travel worry-free and safe. Our contact number is  877-277-6678.

In case you are the one who is planning a group tour, then here are some important tips you need to consider.

I. Size and type of bus:

First, you have to take care of things like the size of your group, the distance you have to travel, and the trip budget. You can consider other things like space, comfort, hygiene, and more.

Shuttle bus

A medium-sized group may be excessively huge for a shuttle bus; however, excessively small for a charter bus. For this situation, a minibus may be an ideal size. Try not to be tricked by its name since, in such a case that your group is 30 or fewer travelers, the minibus has the perfect number of seats. A Shuttle bus is a great choice for smaller groups and accommodates between 8-15 passengers. The minibus will likewise cost less and is a perfect choice for limited-distance travel.


Minibuses are ideal for or short trips and when you’re going with around 30 individuals. They are normally useful for road trips to, say, shows, weddings, distillery trips, and more. They are equipped with AC, admittance to Wi-Fi, and a facility to charge phones/laptops. Since they’re for more modest gatherings and short outings, they, as a rule, don’t have restrooms. They likewise don’t have a luggage carrier however have overhead spaces just for small bags.

Charter bus

You will get lots of amenities like power plugs, washrooms, and more on the charter bus. These buses have properly cushioned seats, recline and have sufficient storage space under them. If your group consists of 40-60 people, these buses are the way to go. These charter buses are perfect for large groups or big family reunions and quite comfortable for long-distance. You can easily book a charter bus from for your next trip.

II. Book Bus in Advance

Group travel calls for a lot of organization, and all your planning should be done in advance to avoid last-minute chaos. It’s simple, the sooner you book your bus, the fewer problems you will get during or before the trip.

III. Take care of comfort.

Regardless of how thrilling your bus journey is, a few hours or days on the road can be quite difficult for even the road trip herp. It would help if you considered leg space, types of seats, space between seats, luggage racks, and more of the bus. We know that these are just little things but believe us, these little things will make a huge difference in your road trip. Imagine yourself in a scenario where you cannot stretch your legs comfortably due to less legroom in your bus seat. Such situations are very frustrating and can spoil the entire trip.

At Prompt charters, we make sure the quality of our buses is top-notch regardless of the trip distance. We make customer’s comfort and convenience our top priority to make sure they focus on the main thing- enjoyment! Our experts have experience planning group trips and would be happy to assist you in booking a bus tour for your group. If you have more queries regarding our bus service, please reach out to us and ask as many questions as you want.

Plan Your Weekend Trip to San Diego

San Diego is in Southern California and attracts travelers due to its excellent climatic conditions and beautiful natural beauty. Among the numerous distinctive features that characterize San Diego, world-renowned museums and Spanish Colonial-style architecture are among the most enthralling attractions.

Several tourist attractions, ranging from museums to parks, and superbly kept restaurants providing the best in multi-cuisine cuisine. In a nutshell, San Diego keeps you entertained throughout your visit and our Chartered bus service is all you need to experience a safe trip even during these uncertain times.

San Diego Charter Bus Rentals

San Diego’s Top 4 Places to Visit

Take a look at the top 4 tourist attractions in San Diego that should be on your itinerary:

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a cultural park and has more than 16 museums, many theatres, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. This location offers everything, whether you want to view historical masterpieces or the new Comic-Con Museum. Balboa Park is also an important center for art and culture in San Diego. As a result, it is one of the city’s most historic sites. It was created to commemorate the inauguration of the Panama Canal in 1915-16 for the Panama-California Exposition.

The architecture of the area is Spanish in style, with low-rise structures. There are also two of the most prominent structures, the Casa del Prado and the Casa del Balboa. There are over 65 miles of paths in and around Balboa Park that will keep you occupied. It is now one of the major tourist attractions in San Diego.

Attractions include the Museum of Man, the Museum of Natural History, the Botanical Garden, the Lily Ponds, and numerous lovely parks.

Costs: There are nominal fees for events, programs, and even certain museums.

Best Time to Visit: All year for various programs or shows.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is among the major zoos in the United States, but it also houses over 3,500 animals from 650 different species. It is a world-renowned zoo where tourists may get up close and personal with unusual creatures. There will be a broad range of creatures to observe, including foxes, hippos, antelopes, brown bears, rhinos, and more. The early morning panda stroll is a distinctive attraction in this area. Please make sure you see them in addition to the flamingos at the zoo.

Fees: Admission to the zoo, as well as unlimited usage of the Guided Bus Tour, Express Bus, and Skyfari aerial tram transportation, is INR 4,000 per adult (age 12 and above) and INR 3,295 per kid for the entire 1-Day pass.

Throughout the year, it is the best time to visit.

Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter was constructed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This location is currently a hub for retail malls, restaurants, and art galleries. Because of its convenient location, the Gaslamp Quarter has become a popular destination for both residents and tourists worldwide.

Gaslamp A pet parade is a one-of-a-kind event conducted in December in which dogs are dressed up in costumes and displayed for tourists to admire. The Gaslamp Quarter, located in San Diego, is one of the greatest sites to see in San Diego, California, during a US trip.
Popular December events include the Mardi Gras Parade and the Gaslamp Pet Parade.

Best Time to Visit: All year, but December has several unique events.

The Seaport Village

San Diego’s Seaport Village is an ideal location for strolling about and purchasing various sorts of gifts. The area is teeming with retail opportunities and multi-cuisine eateries. Visit the San Diego Pier Café for a breathtaking view of the sea while drinking a nice cup of coffee. The time necessary to explore this location might range from two hours to a half-day.


Add the locations mentioned above to your schedule for endless fun and excitement, as these places are the best to visit in San Diego to remember for the rest of your life. You can enjoy the unforgettable trip to San Diego on our Chartered bus at the most affordable price. Call us today at 877-277-6678 for a free and affordable charter bus quote.

Safe Charter Bus Travel Tips for Families

Traveling is part and parcel of life, and a family trip is what almost all of us cherish – be it for necessity or amusement. Unfortunately, with the beginning of Covid-19, this part of regular day-to-day existence has become progressively hazardous. If your friends and family need to go during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are a few tips to assist you with doing it safely.

During vehicle travel, making stops en route for gas, food, or washroom breaks can put you and your loved ones in close contact with others and often contacted surfaces. If you hire a chartered bus, you might need to stop less frequently for food or restroom breaks and maintain social distancing. All our chartered buses are fully disinfected and cleaned properly to ensure your safe and hassle-free trip in North America.


How can we travel safely during COVID-19 as a family?

If you do decide to travel, check for any movement limitations, stay-at-home protocols, isolating and testing necessities in your area, and the spots you’re going to visit. Remember, these strategies might change with minimal early notification, and your travel plan might be disturbed. Although most people in North America are vaccinated, children are still not vaccinated and need special care. Ensure to pay special attention to your child’s health and make sure they follow the COVID-19 protocols.

Here are some of the best tips to ensure safe travel with family during COVID-19:

Do Get Medical Check-Ups Done Beforehand:

It is prescribed to complete full clinical checkups, particularly for COVID-19. If necessary, carry a copy of your reports to avoid any inconvenience. Senior residents should be cautious as the disease is profoundly infectious and spreads slow and steadily. In addition, keep up with social distancing consistently regardless area you’re traveling to.

Wearing a Mask is a Must

As clear as it would sound, wearing a mask/face cover consistently is vital while going in the COVID 19. Be it in flights or while lodging registration, never remove the mask in the open. While utilizing public vehicles, it is crucial to wash and disinfect your hands with a sanitizer containing basically 60% alcohol. Additionally, it is also a smart thought to carry various masks along to be on the more secure side.

Go for Cashless Transactions

Be it lodging appointments or making flight plans, it is consistently a smart thought to go for cashless transactions. The issue with money notes is: they change hands as often as possible, which may bring about contaminations as a normal currency note changes hands 40-50 times each day. It is advisable to utilize cashless payments methods at lodgings and public vehicles to limit actual contact with individuals along these lines. You can book a chartered bus from by making cashless payments on the website. At Prompt Charters, you can book vehicles like coach buses, minibuses, shuttles, and limousine services to ensure people’s safe and secure travel in North America. Call us today at 1-877-277-6678.

Avoid Public Transport as Much as Possible

Last but not least, avoid public transport as much as possible while planning to travel during COVID-19 with family. Even flights and trains can be at risk during these times. Our charter bus service can help you plan a private family trip to avoid the spread of the virus. Since all our chartered buses are disinfected properly, the chances of risk are very low.

Plan your 4-Day Arizona Road Trip

Arizona is overflowing with luxurious inns and spas, underestimated and novel urban communities and towns, and southwestern eating ensured to have a good time with your taste buds. So get your camera, hiking boots, and hit the country roads of the Wild West for a remarkable 4-day road trip in Arizona. Wait! You want to explore the city, but you are concerned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No need to back out! You can book a chartered bus to experience a safe road trip to Arizona with your loved ones. Our chartered buses are fully sanitized and help you maintain social distancing.


Before you start your road trip, make sure you have the following:

Public Parks Pass – Ensure you purchase your National Parks Pass; you’ll be going through some great parks. A pass allows you to enter all public parks without stress.

Additional Water – Whenever you go on a street outing, consistently make a point to have a lot of additional water. In Arizona, this is an absolute necessity as it can get extremely hot.

Paper Maps – Individuals use Google Maps to get around; however, make certain to have a printed copy guide and skill to utilize it. Sometimes, the maps in mobile are nonfunctional.

Pack layers – Arizona is a desert environment. It could be hot during the day, yet it chills off around evening time.

Breathable lightweight dress – Rather than sunscreen, wear long-sleeve microlight shirts. It keeps you cool while blocking the sun.

Start with Tucson

Tucson is an energetic and vibrant southwestern city with a flourishing culinary scene. Stay at Hotel Congress, a milestone property worked in 1919 that harbors a concert venue, club, and restaurant. It’s brimming with vintage enchant yet additionally has cool rowdy energy. Plan to party like Post Malone before slamming in a redesigned room that gloats dashes of old days like iron beds, portable radios, and zero TVs.

At the close by Saguaro National Park, witness the transcending saguaro prickly plant — delegated lord of the Sonoran Desert — in its local climate. Then, at that point, climb to the apex of Mount Lemmon — only north of Tucson, it’s the most elevated point in the Catalina Mountains.

Roll out of Scottsdale

Carry out of Scottsdale after a relaxed breakfast and focus start for Sedona, one of the top tourist spots in the state. There’s raw energy here amid the red stone buttes and gulches; wellness retreats and crystal shops improve the spiritual energy. It’s likewise an end-of-the-week escape for Phoenix local people, so be careful with traffic during the full season. Major eateries incorporate Roaring Fork, a downtown hotspot with Old West energies.

At happy hours, the café’s unique burgers are ten bucks each. After supper, have a couple of beverages at Handlebar J, where you can likewise enjoy live country music, daily two-stepping, and a vigorous brew selection on tap.

Head towards Sedona from Scottsdale

Two hours from Scottsdale is Sedona, the heaven for spa lovers. This secretive retreat is flanked by red-rock buttes, steep gorges, and pine forests, shaping a unique environment identical to the Wild West’s measures and minimized luxury.

Show up by continuing with Highway 179, also called the Red Rock Scenic Byway. Break for dessert on the way to Rock Springs Café. This achievement, prestigious for its honor-winning pies, was set up in 1918. Its proximity to the highway makes it profitable for travelers. Partake in an occasional treat, like the strawberry rhubarb scrap pie, or assess the raving success of Jack Daniel’s pecan pie.

Sedona to the Grand Canyon

You can reach Grand Canyon’s South Rim from Sedona in a short drive. If you set out toward the beginning of the day, you’ll have the opportunity to stop for lunch in nonconformist school town Flagstaff and make it to the gorge for nightfall.

Are you excited about the 4-day Arizona road trip? Book a minibus or chartered bus at a cheap rate to have the most memorable travel experience of your life.

Call us now at 877-277-6678.

Top 4 Must-Visit Places in Denver

Denver is the most thrilling area to visit in the U.S. Surrounded by mountains, Denver is ideal for individuals who love a touch of open-air adventure. While you might be enticed to go directly toward the Rocky Mountains, there are a lot of activities in Denver you can do with your family or your travel squad. While public transport can be unsafe during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can book a private charter bus at a cheap rate from for a safe tour.

Home to some top-notch museums, excellent parks, and the best music scene in the country, Denver offers the perfect blend of adventure and fun for tourists. You can visit so many excellent Denver attractions safely by hiring a charter or a minibus with better customer service.

Charter Bus Denver

Chautauqua Park

Denver’s Chautauqua Park was established in 1898 and is currently a National Historic Landmark. Chautauqua has a picnic region, a jungle gym, and tennis courts where your squad can unwind and maintain social distancing. Chautauqua asks that your group can no bigger than 10and must wear face covers to contain the spread of Corona virus.

Once you are done with the relaxation, Chautauqua Park offers hiking trails for people who want to spend more time in the Flatirons. The Open Space and Mountain Parks associations care for these scenic trials, which incorporate the Chautauqua Trail, the Baseline Trail, and the

Chartered bus parking spot: Parking is extremely restricted in Chautauqua. There’s a parking garage at the trailhead close to the Ranger Cottage and restricted street parking around the Chautauqua Lawn.

Mile High Flea Market

The Mile High Flea Market is a consolidated place where thousands of street vendors sell food, handmade items, garments, and antique furniture underneath the tents at this 80-acre land complex. The whole market is in open areas and safe for social distancing while you get some natural air. The Farmers’ Market segment offers local food and products throughout the entire year, making it a perfect spot for people looking to try some local food or carry some local products to their country. You can grab a burger or sandwich to eat at a shaded outdoor table.

Charter bus parking: In Mile High Flea Market, you will have plenty of free, accessible, paved parking spots.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Schedule a full-day trip to Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, where you can do activities like hiking, practicing yoga, catching a live concert, and more. The Red Rock park is open every day, one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. You don’t have to pay for entry in the park. Red Rocks Park has two hiking trails.

Start by walking around the theater at the red rock boulders, stop in at the Visitor Center to enjoy Performers Hall of Fame, where you will be able to see the names of seven decades’ worth of performers.

If you are the one who loves long hiking, you can continue to follow the Red Rocks Trail until it associates with the 5.4-mile Dakota Ridge Trail. Look out for grassland canines, red foxes, and Mule deer while you cycle or climb past the cliffs. Ensure to check the Amphitheater’s schedule or call them before visiting as the Amphitheater closes early on live concert days.

Charter bus parking: Red Rocks Park has five parking lots, and some of them allow the parking of large vehicles like charter buses.

Whittier Cafe

Did you know that Whittier Cafe, Denver’s is the only African coffee bar? Yes, the entirety of their espresso comes from African countries, and their extensive porch gives you a safe place to eat outside while maintaining the social distancing. Notwithstanding espresso, Whittier likewise serves African beer and wine, cakes, paninis, and burritos.

Whittier Cafe has also earned the title “the activist’s coffee shop” given occasions like Social Justice Coffee Hour and their equity store. The restaurant additionally has a loaning library, and during non-COVID times, you can go to an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Each Sunday at 2, the baristas cook Ethiopian beans and afterward blend espresso in a conventional earth jebena for the watching visitors to enjoy.

Charter bus parking: The place offers many street parking and paid parking lots where you can park the bus.

A lot is going on in Denver since the Covid-19 restrictions are eased.! Go for Charter Bus Rental Service to enjoy an unforgettable trip with your friends, groups, office colleagues, or daily. At, we strive to deliver best-in-class Charter Bus service to make sure you are safely protected while enjoying your tour to North America.

Call us at 877-277-6678 for Free Charter Bus Quote for your next trip.

Responsible Road Tripping During COVID-19

Since we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the safest thing to do is to stay at home. However, if you need some break from home or planning a staycation, and you need to get all over town, consider a road trip. Using public transport can be a risky thing to do. Get your car or hire a rental car for a safe and secure road trip. Next, we are going to reveal the best tips for responsible road tripping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe Charter Bus Service

 Prep your vehicle ahead of time

Ensuring your vehicle is fit as a fiddle before leaving on a road trip is vital whether or not you travel now or post-pandemic. However, during COVID-19, certain services, for example, service stations, automobile shops, and tire stores, may have restricted hours, so your vehicle should be state-of-the-art on completely required maintenance. Have your car technician check the tires and tire pressure, belts, hoses, and all lights and blinkers. Additionally, request that the person in question check the vehicle’s liquids (oil, brake, coolant, and force controlling), test the vehicle’s battery, and replace wiper cutting edges if essential.

Bring emergency essentials

This is another road trip must-do paying little heed to when you travel. However, traveling during COVID-19 adds a few things to your essential kit. Here’s what to pack: first aid box, five gallons of drinking water, jumper links, spare tire or tire-fix unit, electric lamp, new batteries, cover, crisis flares, waterproof matches, a couple of towels or clothes, and durable snacks. Apart from this, stock up on sanitizers, masks, oximeters, hand gloves, thermometer, soaps, and pay special attention to maintain hygiene. Keep some extra pairs of clothes and make sure you regularly change your clothes to contain the virus’s spread.

Digital payments

Online/digital payments are the way to limit physical contact among purchasers and dealers. Download some payment applications like UPI or any other app of your choice and make sure you pay online as much as possible. Be it on gas stations, grocery shops, or food stalls, digital payments can be the life savior and contactless payment solution.

Know the COVID restrictions in each state

Rules like quarantine, night curfew, phased unlock, and mask requirements differ from one state to another. If you plan to cross your state’s border, you need to be aware of the other state’s rules and regulations. It includes gathering current information about the destinations or tourist posts you are planning to visit. Most of such places have limited opening hours or are not open at all.

Research lodging

Whether you are planning the road trip with family or friends, you’ll need to prepare well with regard to lodging facilities during COVID-19. Search for places that fit into your financial plan (clearly) yet that additionally have careful pandemic systems set up. Do not touch the surfaces unnecessarily. Do not touch the TV or an AC remote in the hotel room. Use a hand glove whenever you are going to touch items. Most lodgings list their COVID-19 measures on the landing page of their site. You can choose a hotel that provides a kitchen with your room to do your dinner prep or facilities situated close to cafés where you can order takeout.

Be flexible

The COVID-19 pandemic is a continually advancing circumstance, meaning orders may change from one day to another. However, it’s great to plan to stay flexible and consistently have a backup plan if conditions shift without a second to spare. Road trips are literally about flexibility; you should be open to cutting the trip short or spending one extra day. Especially during the COVID-19 times, give priority to your health and do as your body allows. Do not push yourself much. Have a plan for if you fall sick while traveling or you run out of money.


Make sure you carefully study the route you intend to drive. Carry a digital or paper map and spot the small towns with petrol/gas stations and grocery stores on your way. Last but not least, don’t visit the places that are witnessing a higher number of COVID-19 cases. Because you surely don’t want to go somewhere where you are most exposed to the virus. Use these useful tips to plan a safe and secure road trip. If you are looking for a safe charter bus trip, call today at 1-877-277-6678 and ask for a free charter bus quote.

Beautiful Places in Orlando, Florida

While the finish of the pandemic might be in sight, if your family, tutoring unit, or work pals need to investigate Orlando this mid year, you should in any case do so securely. Fortunately, the city is brimming with open air attractions and spots you can investigate while as yet keeping up friendly distance!

Regardless of whether you’re masterminding an excursion to a spot on this rundown or preparing for more secure occasions, the PROMPT Charters group can make your movements simple. Save a transport rental through us, and you can anticipate that your ride should be completely disinfected before your outing. We’ll even work with you to implement any security means you need on board your transport, as stunned guest plans, hand-disinfecting stations, and preboarding temperature checks. Call 877-277-6678  to figure out how we can help your gathering travel securely!

Orlando Charter Bus

Art and Culture

It’s consistently a fun opportunity to investigate Orlando’s craft scene. In any case, after such a lot of time stuck inside, your companions, senior local area, or colleagues will definitely appreciate strolling around downtown and seeing these improving outside craftsmanship attractions:

The See Art Orlando Sculptures

In 2013, neighborhood charitable See Art Orlando appointed a progression of figures to be set all through midtown Orlando. These lasting establishments are allowed to view, and it just goes for a short stroll around the square encompassing Lake Eola Park to take them all in!

Features include:

Landmark in Right Foot Major — a transcending bronze model of a slender humanoid with two right feet and odd extents that shift with point of view.

Association — a little backwoods of 25-foot tall posts with bended wings that pivot in the breeze. This model is quite often moving, so it will appear to be unique each time you see it!

The Muse of Discovery — a leaning back lady made of limestone who looks at her open hand. Guests are welcome to sit in her grasp to be a piece of the figure (or simply present for a photograph, it’s dependent upon you).

Three companions wearing face covers present for a selfie before a splendid outside wall painting

In a city as energetic as Orlando, it shouldn’t be amazing to discover wall paintings everywhere. Road craftsmanship is wherever around there—the sides of cafés, across dumpsters, on storm channels, all over the place—however here a portion of the more famous pieces you’ll see while workmanship spotting:

Good tidings from Orlando — If you’re a passing up a major opportunity of-town family, this splendid, postcard-enlivened wall painting will be the ideal scenery for your next “Wish You Were Here” social post. Situated on 703 N Orange Ave.

Heartbeat Memorial Mural — This piece, a flexing arm with wings and “Orlando Strong” composed underneath it, was painted to respect the memory of those lost in the 2016 Pulse shooting. You can offer your appreciation and respect the work of art on the Orlando LGBT+ Center, in the Park Lake area.

12 PM Dream, Monarch Initiative — Depicting overwhelming butterflies in trip on a naval force scenery, this wall painting by Ink Dwell studio can be a pleasant foundation for a wide range of photoshoots, from commitment declarations to post-immunization selfies with your companions. Situated on 520 S Magnolia Ave.

Feast Local

Backing neighborhood homesteads and horticulture while as yet remaining protected at these outside, food-related attractions:

Exhibit of Citrus

Address: 5010 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714

Tired of taking in reused air from your home’s AC framework? Take in the smell of citrus and outside air at this 2,500-section of land bequest all things being equal! It’s for the most part known for the pick-your-own citrus forests—with assortments of grapefruit, tangerine, and orange in season from November through May—however there are other outside exercises here to keep your whole case engaged. Watching crocs swim by on the fishing dock, petting child goats with your little ones, and examining the outside feed market is anything but a half-awful approach to go through an evening, all things considered!

Most attractions here are outside and generally scattered, yet the Showcase of Citrus actually urges visitors to rehearse social removing and wear covers when close to different gatherings. Admission to the forests is $2 per individual, and bushels of natural product are accessible for buy at the passage if your gathering would not like to pick their own.

Orlando Farmer’s Market

Address: 20 N Eola Dr, Orlando, FL 32801

Each Sunday between 10 a.m. furthermore, 3 p.m. since 1987, ranchers and cooks have set up tents at Lake Eola Park to sell their products at the Orlando Farmer’s Market. It’s perhaps the best spot around to buy ranch new nectar and nearby produce, indeed, however don’t restrict yourself to food supplies while you’re here. You can meander through properly dispersed slows down of orchid and Bonzai merchants, Jamaican road food, carefully assembled cleansers, and different specialties of occupant craftsmans. Gracious, and the market is pet-accommodating!

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards

Address: 19239 US-27, Clermont, FL 34715

“Wine down” and loosen up in the space’s head grape plantation, found a little ways from downtown Orlando. Lakeridge is Florida’s biggest winery, so there’s a lot of space for your gathering to appreciate a few glasses of wine away from enormous groups. Take in the view across the 80+ sections of land of grape plantations while tasting the winery’s forte Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Petite Sirah, and Cabernet Sauvignon assortments.

Free wine visits and tastings might be waiting for years to come, however in the event that you need to design a little and rich party, the winery offers private open air scenes for close weddings or pre-wedding parties with your close family.

Investigate Orlando’s Gardens

Orlando is home to various green spaces and gardens where your gathering can take in nature’s magnificence, loosen up your legs, and consume off some energy:

Mead Botanical Gardens

Address: 1300 S Denning Dr, Winter Park, FL 32789

While there’s a lot of plants, blossoms, and trees for you to respect at these Winter Park cultivates, the assortment of bugs and creatures that call this greenspace home get everyone’s attention. Take your science class case or family of creature sweethearts to find out about pollinators in the local honey bee garden, spot birds and frogs along the lake, and say hello there to the gopher turtles that tunnel here.

The nurseries are open from 8 a.m. to nightfall consistently, and affirmation is in every case free. While the grounds are not implementing cover prerequisites, kindly exercise alert when entering encased and intensely dealt spaces like the nursery and local area gardens. There are even excursion regions and a gathering court you can lease once the pandemic’s finished—however feel free to investigate them now in case you’re arranging a wedding later on!

Henry P. Leu Gardens

Address: 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Catch up on your nearby history while you meander through 50 sections of land of greenspaces intended to draw in butterflies all through the late spring, figure out how to develop spices and veggies, and appreciate the shades of the period—across the board place.

At the point when you need a break to absorb some AC, your gathering can stop by the authentic Leu House Museum at the core of the nurseries. This house has been gone down through numerous ages of plant gatherers, and you can gain proficiency with about the families that lived on the property in this historical center.

While social removing is essentially, face covers are required while on the grounds, and just 8 visitors are permitted into the gallery at a time. All deals are credit only here, so consider buying your limited school gathering and scout troop confirmation online before you show up.

Bok Tower Gardens

Address: 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853

In case you’re thinking about requiring a roadtrip from Orlando, there are not many secret jewels as delightful as this one. Between the sprouting azaleas in pre-summer, the 205-foot Singing Tower, and the kids’ nursery brimming with pixie trails and small models, there’s a here thing for everybody.

Voyages through the grounds’ verifiable domain, the pinnacle, and its scandalous chimes (an uncommon instrument comprised of 23 tuned ringers) are not accessible because of the pandemic, however visitors are welcome to stroll around their edges and respect the engineering from an external perspective. Your gathering will be needed to wear a cover when appropriate social removing can’t be rehearsed, and the nursery staff will guarantee all high-contact regions are consistently cleaned.

How to make a  Safe Outing in Orlando?

Prepared to get out and appreciate Orlando? In case you’re arranging an outing to the rancher’s market or your #1 nearby nursery, PROMPT Charters needs to help your loved ones stay safe. That is the reason we’ll exceed everyone’s expectations to track down the ideal motorcoach for you and your team—regardless of whether you need a little minibus for your enormous family or a full-size sanction transport rental with sufficient space to fan out on the way.

Call us at 1-877-277-6678 at whatever point you’re prepared to work through the subtleties, and we’ll offer you a free, no-bother quote for your customized Orlando transport rental!