Charter a Bus Trip to the Best Ski Cities in the U.S.

Winter is in full blast right now, so that means amazing snow sports. Who doesn’t enjoy playing in the snow? One of the most popular is skiing, whether in the backyard or on the slopes of a mountain. In this article, we talk about the best ski towns in the United States, and possibly some of the best on the planet. Instead of just flying to these spots, we recommend taking one of our chartered buses. Not only do they offer great reliability and comfort, but our drivers are highly experienced and have a great knowledge of the roads. They will be able to take you to your destination as safely as possible, leaving nothing for you to worry about. Keep reading to learn more about our picks on the best ski cities in America.


Vail, Colorado

If you’re looking for the largest and possibly the best ski resort, you can’t miss heading over to Vail Resorts in Colorado. It is the largest skiing area in Colorado, as well as one of the largest in all of North America. The state of Colorado is famous for its popular skiing towns, and Vail is one of them. Unlike most other ski towns, Vail was made for one purpose: skiing. Unfortunately, it lacks history and authenticity as a historic city but makes up for it with all the things to do. From live music to amazing food, Vail will prove to be some of the best times you’ve had on the slopes. At Vail Ski Resort, you can rent skiing gear and get your adrenaline running as you head down the mountain. If you’re looking for a place to ski, Vail should be one of your options.


Taos, New Mexico

When people think of best states for skiing, they most likely won’t think of New Mexico. New Mexico features one of the best ski towns in the United States, Taos. The ski town is famous for more than just skiing, from upscale art galleries to exquisite cuisine. Most people wish to ski on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, and you can do just that at Taos Ski Valley without much of a crowd. If you’re a newbie, you might want to stick to the smaller slopes, but if you’re an advanced skier, head up to Kachina Peak with the provided lift. Kachina Peak is one of the state’s highest mountain passes, so you better not be afraid of heights. Once you get hungry, head back to Taos Ski Valley for some of the best food in the state. From breakfast to dinner, everything is served at the multitude of restaurants they feature. If you’re looking for a relatively crowd-free skiing spot, head to Taos.


Durango, Colorado

According to Durango’s website, they feature “a snow day the whole family will love.” This, according to thousands of visitors, is true indeed. Years ago, Durango was a mining town but since then has become one of the hottest outdoor activity spots in the country. Not only is it great for outdoor sports, but Durango stays true to its historic roots by keeping landmarks like the Strater Hotel open. The historic sites, as well as the interesting dining, makes Durango a unique place to visit. If you’re looking for the best ski spot in Durango, head over to Purgatory Resort. Unlike many other ski slopes, they feature tons of terrain perfect for newbies and beginners. Don’t worry advanced skiers, there’s more than plenty of terrain for y’all.


Park City, Utah

One of the most convenient ski towns is Park City, Utah. It’s located only about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, making it one of the few ski towns that close to a major airport. Things like unique dining, perfect ski slopes, and the Sundance Film Festival make Park City a must-visit during the winter. Park City also used to be a mining town, but now thrives as a ski and snowboarding hotspot. If you only want to ski, you should head to Deer Valley; and if you want to snowboard and/or ski, head over to Park City Resort. Park City Resort is the larger of the two, in terms of terrain as well as amenities. Park City also features the world’s only ski-in and ski-out distillery, so you can raise your spirits after a long day in the cold weather.


Jackson, Wyoming

 Wyoming’s most popular ski town is Jackson, hands down. It’s not a mining town, but more of a cowboy town. Back in the day, the settlers of the Wild West were putting the work in at Jackson, making it another historic ski city. If you’re an advanced skier, you should head over to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for steep slopes. If you’re bringing your family or more of a beginner, you should stick with Snow King Mountain Resort. It offers much easier terrain than Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. When you get puckish, head over to Mangy Moose, one of Jackson’s most famous restaurants. There, you can enjoy a fresh brew, a steakhouse breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and live music. What more can you ask of a restaurant? If you’re looking for an amazing skiing spot, don’t forget about Jackson.


You know how you should get to these ski cities? No, not by flying but by chartered bus. Here’s why. Prompt Charters’ chartered buses offer a relaxed and comfortable ride, compared with a cramped, uncomfortable plane seat. In most of our bus models, we also offer complimentary Wi-Fi. That’s next to rare on plane rides. What happens if the weather gets to dangerous to fly in? Your flight might be delayed or even canceled. If you choose our chartered buses, our drivers are highly experienced with these types of situations. They will decide when its safe to travel, and we guarantee we’ll be on the road before the plane takes off from the runway. There are so many more reasons why traveling by chartered bus is better than plane, many of which you can read about in our other articles.

These ski towns are calling your name. You know you want to go, and you should book your travel with Prompt Charters. We will keep everything hassle-free, so you can have the best winter vacation of your life. We are dedicated to providing the best service in the bus industry, with our clients as priority. To learn more about our vehicles or services, visit For a personalized quote, contact our team at ☎ 1-877-277-6678. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy Skiing!

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