Cities are Increasingly Choosing Buses Over Light rail For urban Transit

American cities are increasingly turning to
fast buses for urban transportation in growing numbers. Mayors and city council are coming to the realization that fast buses are the cheapest and efficient alternative than light rail system for urban transportation. Many cities in the United States put their light rail projects in back burner due to the enormous cost they have to incur to implement the project.

Wall Street Journal reports that the Florida Tampa Bay Transit Authority decided to move forward with fast buses instead of expensive light rail system. Though ridership in city buses declined steadily over the years, many cities are opting for fat buses than the rail system. Cities such as Albuquerque successfully implemented the rapid transit system using electric buses. Proponents of fast buses point out that the cost of the running buses will be one third of the light rail construction. Therefore more cities are moving toward the fast bus line idea. With the advent of luxury buses, people are increasingly wanted to travel in luxury buses. In fact long routes such as Atlanta- Miami, there are luxury bus runs that offer luxury buses with rate starting from $ 40 one way. For people used to the annoying experience of flying these buses are a great relief. Prompt Charters is running charter buses in long routes with the newest luxury buses for over five years. There has been a twenty percent increase in ridership.

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