Fun Games to Play on a Chartered Bus Trip


So you’re traveling on a chartered bus trip, and you’re wondering what you can do to pass the time. Since it’s a chartered bus, there’s obviously a sizeable group of travelers. Yes, you can sit there in complete silence or use your phone, ORRRR you can break the ice by playing some fun games. Not only do games help pass the time and break the ice, it also helps you learn more about your fellow travelers. Which games are the best to play? Below are some of the easy games you can play to keep away boredom on a bus trip.


  • I Spy, We All Spy

You probably remember playing this game as a kid, but it is actually quite entertaining on a bus trip no matter the age. All you have to do is look out of the large windows of your bus and find something to describe. Then say, “I spy something… (describe what you found). You’ll see people getting out of their seats to look out and find the object before it disappears from sight. Whoever finds the object gets to be the next person to describe something. To make it even more fun and competitive, keep track of the points.


  • Telephone

This game can be absolutely hilarious. One person whispers a phrase or a sentence to the first person in the bus. That “first” person whispers it to the next person, and the next person whispers it to the person sitting beside them. Keep the pattern going to the back of the bus and have the last person say the phrase out loud. Is it close to the original or is it completely different? In most if not all cases, it will be something absurdly funny. Can you find who made the mistakes?


  • Tic Tac Toe

Okay so who doesn’t know how to play this game? All you need is a pencil and paper, making it a super convenient game. You make a # on the paper, but probably a little bit bigger than this one. Out of the two players, one is X and the other is O. To win, a player must get three of his characters in a row. It can be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. It doesn’t matter as long as they all are in a row. Keep track of how many rounds you win, with the loser buying a drink for the other when they get out of the bus.

  • The Alphabet Game

Raise your hand if you know the ABC’s. Well, that and basic thinking is all you need for this game. There are two versions of this game. For the first version, you say something from the depth of your imagination (or a topic like a movie, songs, etc.) that starts with the letter “A”. The next person says something that starts with “B.” The pattern continues until the end of the alphabet. The second version is slightly more complicated. The first person says a word that starts with “A.” The next person says a word that starts with the last letter of the word from the first person. For example, player 1 says “apple.” Since it ends in an “e”, the next person says something that starts with “e.” Players who can’t think of a word in a few seconds is disqualified.


  • Charades

Another really fun game is charades. Pick a topic for the group, and a duo acts out a scene from that topic (such as a popular movie, song video, etc.). The group frantically hurries to guess what it is before the time runs out. To make it even more fun, split the group into teams. Whichever team gets the most points wins. When they stop, the winning team is first out of the bus.


  • Guess that Tune

No matter what culture it is, they always have songs specific to that culture. Split the traveling group into teams. Have a designated person play a specific song over the clear bus speakers. The team that guesses the song wins that round. After ten rounds (or more/less), find out which team has the most points. Not only is this game fun, but it can also help you learn more about the musical preferences/tastes of others.


  • Karaoke

Speaking of tunes, how about singing a couple? All you need to do is sing a song of your choice (or the group’s) and hear the crowd cheer. And moreover, hearing your best friend singing would be perfect material for your snapchat story. Oh, make sure they don’t see you recording 😊


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