National First Ladies’ Library – Canton, Ohio tour along with the Prompt Charters in US



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You will be enlightened to see and explore here  the first and only facility of its kind, the National First Ladies’ Library serving as the unique national resource for patrons from school children to serious scholars.

The main purpose of the library is to educate the masses with regard to the contributions of First Ladies and other notable women in history as well along with the

What you will find here will be the physical educational facility and an electronic virtual library, with an effort to educate people in the United States and around the world.



  • Each year a complete, annotated bibliography developed on First Ladies – from Martha Custis Washington to Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama
  • Compile, assemble and produce complete curriculum enrichment units
  • Plan and conduct seminars, workshops and lectures on the role of First Ladies and how it has changed over the centuries
  • Collect all the current and out-of-print books by and about First Ladies, as well as films, documentaries and other audio visual materials
  • Collect copies of First Ladies’ letters, speeches and manuscripts dealing with the major social issues of their time, now scattered throughout the country › … › CantonThings to Do in Canton

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