Three Sleep Essentials to Bring on a Charter Bus Trip


Sleeping is something which many long for, especially on a road trip. Sleeping on a bus ride can be hard at times, but fear not for we are here to help. We put together a list of three sleep essentials you need to bring on your next bus trip. Don’t go without them if you look forward to getting some sleep.

*Note: this list does not include sleeping pills. This is something which should only be used if you absolutely need it.


Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is absolutely an essential on any kind of trip, be it airplane or bus. They keep your neck in place, as well as providing a place to rest your head. A neck pillow is better than a regular pillow for several reasons. For one, regular pillows can move around. Neck pillows stay around your neck, providing you comfort for as long as you have it on. Another reason a neck pillow is better than a normal pillow is the way the bus seats are. They recline, but for the most part they are upright. Neck pillows provide more comfort in this situation.



Traveling with other people can be fun, but it also can be loud at times. A baby crying, people talking loudly – possible scenarios inside a chartered bus. To block out the noise, we recommend you bring a pair of earplugs. That way, you can enjoy quiet, relaxing sleep. We know many like to listen to light, soothing noise (like white noise, rain sounds, etc.) while sleeping. For those like this, we remind you not to forget your headphones at home.


Comfortable Sleepwear

No one likes sleeping in uncomfortable clothes. You’ll probably have clothes in your main luggage bag, but there’s a good chance that this is stored under the bus. So we recommend you bring a pair of clothes to sleep in inside your carry-on bag. That way, you can head back to the onboard bathroom and take a few minutes to change into comfy clothes. From shorts to pajamas, it’s your choice, but we recommend you pick what you feel most comfortable in.


Comfy clothes on, lying back on a neck pillow, while listening to soothing, sleep inducing noise – that’s how you sleep on a bus trip. Speaking of bus trip, have you booked yours? We recommend you do so with Prompt Charters, one of the best bus chartering services in the nation. You want to visit a nearby city or one across the country, you pick. We got it covered, with reliable service and fair prices. To get a personal quote, we recommend you talk to our agents at ☎ 1-877-277-6678. For more information what type of vehicles we offer, visit


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