Why Our Buses Support the Causes of Earth Day

Today is April 22, 2019, the day set apart to honor the causes towards environmental safety. Every year, almost 200 countries participate in events coordinated by Earth Day Network. The Earth Day Network hosts large cleanups, educates others on the benefit of keeping the environment clean, and much more. Each year, the Earth Day Network fights to end or lower pollution. Most sources of air pollution are either factories or the cars and vehicles on the road. The carbon footprint they leave is decreasing the quality of the air, as well as damaging the functionality of humans, plants, and animals.

That’s where our buses come in. Buses, especially larger varieties, are better for the environment. “Why?” you may ask, especially since their larger. Won’t they let out more harmful chemicals? Well, let us explain below why buses are among the best land vehicles for the environment.

Larger the Bus, the Fewer the Cars

Take a group trip, for example. Everyone is traveling to a city about 100 miles away. What’s better: sixty passengers in one bus or up to 55 individual cars? You hopefully can choose the obvious answer, the bus. According to the National Express Transit, “Buses generate only about 20% of the carbon monoxide and just 10% of the hydrocarbons per passenger-mile when compared with a single-occupancy vehicle.” A large charter bus has the capability of taking up to 55 cars off the road. Think about how much emissions won’t be spread into the air!

Less Fuel Consumption

Fuel, as helpful and useful as it is, is also a major factor when it comes to air pollution. When the fuel is burned and used for the vehicle to run, harmful chemicals like nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide are let loose into the air. Since a bus has the capability to take up to 55 cars off the road, the fuel used would be lower. While a bus does use more fuel than one single car, it is a sliver when compared to over 50 cars.

Typically Less Littering

When someone is driving in a car, they have the opportunity to roll down their windows and throw their trash outside. Littering can be dangerous toward the environment, especially if what they threw out is toxic or harmful to the plants and animals nearby. In a bus, this usually is not the case. Most bus windows cannot be opened, so people are forced to throw out their trash in garbage cans or when they exit the bus. While people may leave their trash within the bus, it is our job already to clean the buses after each trip. This job is much better than allowing people to hurt the environment.
The three reasons above are just a few of many important reasons why buses are better for the environment. We shouldn’t care about the environment just on Earth Day, but we should do our part every day. Prompt Charters have been at the top of bus industry for many years, mainly since we put economy-friendly transport within our priorities. When you travel, travel with a reliable chartered bus like Prompt Charters. As technology increases, so does our variety of more eco-friendly buses. As the future rolls about, our fleet will consist more of electric and battery powered buses, such as the one below.

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