Why You Should Use a Charter Bus for College Tours

In most students’ lives, picking a college is one of the most important decisions they can make. Typically, students have their first term during the fall season, but they tend to apply and look at colleges much before then. We’re already in April, and college hunting is on full blast. Students begin to read about colleges on various websites, as well as book tours on campuses they’re interested in. Is that college near their high school? Do many students have an interest in that college or university? Well, if you’re a school director or principal, you might want to think about organizing a group college tour for any students interested in that campus. You know what would make that 10 times easier? A charter bus with a designated driver. Well, Prompt Charters offers exactly those services and many (many!) more. From vans to minibuses to large deluxe motor coaches, we have it all. But why exactly is a chartered bus so helpful in this scenario? Well, below are a few reasons why you should book a charter bus for your students’ college tours.

Cost Effectiveness

If each student drives by themselves or with their family in a single car, the total number of trips to that campus made by all the students is a lot. The price of gas for all these trips adds up to well over what it would cost to charter a bus. Here’s the good thing about chartering a bus. Since everyone is on one bus (or more depending on the size of the group), each person won’t have to spend gas prices individually for the miles they cover. A great way to organize the cost is to have each student bring a few bucks, which would help cover the cost of the bus.



If all the students and family ride on one bus instead of many cars, it is also better for the environment. A single car lets out only a slight emission of carbon dioxide but think of 50 or even 100 cars. That’s a lot of carbon dioxide in the air! Well, a motor coach has the capability to take off about 50 cars off the road and emitting less carbon dioxide per person compared to a car. A motor coach has the room for over 60 people, which would fit about 20 families consisting of a student + their parents. Travel by bus is a lot better for the economy than individual cars.


Group Experience

We admit it: college tours can be long and boring. Your student might wander off, either by walking or even mentally. Walking through building after building and following pathway after pathway can be a drawn out and tedious process. What if that student’s friends came along too? He would be more likely not to wander off or feel bored while with his friends. Bringing a group, especially consisted of friends, make long tours much easier and more fun. Of course, this raises the question: won’t my student stop paying attention? Many studies show that being around people who you enjoy raise mental consciousness and alertness.


Less Stress

Traveling to the college or university can be a lot of stress, for both students and their parents. You have to find the way, sometimes even traveling on unfamiliar roads. Once there, you need to figure out where you have to park out of the million parking lots at the college. After the tour, you have to somehow make your way back to the car. Ugh, we understand how stressful this can be, and so we want to help. Charter buses come with a designated, knowledgeable driver. He’s familiar with the roads you’ll take to get to the university. Once there, he’ll drop you off then go wait at a specific parking lot. Once the tour is done, forget about going to the bus – he’ll bring the bus to you. Prompt Charters always provides reliable drivers, because we know that traveling stress sucks!


Comfortable Travel

Most cars tend to have uncomfortable plush seating, with usually leather seating reserved for more expensive models. Well, Prompt Charters offers you the most comfort when it comes to charter buses. Most of our models have comfortable leather seats, and some even recline. Every bus has air conditioning, as well as speaker and PA systems. That way, fan favorite songs can be played on the (sometimes long) trips. Several of our buses feature televisions, as well as Wi-Fi. That way, you can watch a movie or learn more about the college you’re about to visit. Also, if you bring a backpack or purse, you won’t have to hold it in your lap. Our buses and minibuses have luggage compartments, with many models featuring overhead bins. All this says one thing – Prompt Charters keeps comfort very high on our priority list.


All these reasons are just a few of the many to use a chartered bus for a group campus tour. Prompt Charters is among the best in the bus industry, and we pride ourselves in our variety of vehicles and services. To learn more about our services and vehicles, visit promptcharters.com. To get a personal quote from our agents, contact us today at
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