The Louisiana State Cotton Museum in Lake tour experience along with the Prompt Charters in US at competitive rates

The Louisiana State Cotton Museum being located here in Lake Providence, US will make you enjoy the Louisiana’s prime agricultural crops. You will be taken aback by its gallery having a set of interpretive exhibits, like its life-sized dioramas, farming equipment, along with its re-created juke joint, etc.

The original ginning machinery, and its vibrant yellow and red colors, will make you feel good.

You will appreciate here the grounds of the museum with its enchanting array of old plantation buildings comprising of the sharecropper’s cabin and a small chapel, etc rendering a picture of the life in the rural world for that matter.

The along with our tour package can make you se and explore the place along with our competitive rates of package. If you have any special needs regarding your trip…the Prompt Bus Charters can customize the tour package so that you can enjoy it.

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