The Whitaker Center For Science and the Arts tour package at competitive rates along with the Prompt Charters in US

The Whitaker Centre will attract you along with its 3 floors of hands-on science exhibits along with its activities, and you will appreciate its nice IMAX® films, live world-class stage performances, etc for that matter.


whitaker centrewhitaker centre

Being located here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the center has to its credit exhibits from the spheres of science, the performing arts, as well.

You will find the center encompassing 130,000 sq.ft along with its 3 main components, STAGE TWO, Discovery Lab classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, etc, being available here.

You will find here at the Harsco Science Center, 3 floors having nearly 240 fun and informative exhibits highlighting the physical science, natural science, life science, along with mathematics and technology.

It will interest you to know that located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts is the mid-state’s prime center for arts, education, entertainment and cultural enrichment. You will find the place having 3 main venues like the Sunoco Performance Theater, Select Medical Digital Cinema, and Harsco Science Center.

You will appreciate the centre’s efforts to foster scientific, artistic, cultural and educational activities as well.

You can also enjoy here the new public experiences,world-class exhibitions, the latest in giant-screen films, and moreover you will also be able to enjoy the finest in live performances and spectacular events, as well.

The along with its competitive rates of tour package can make your trip a memorable one. What you will see and explore her will be the Prompt Charters conducting the competitive tour along with fetching you the nice return for your money as well.

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