Why You Should Pick Prompt Charters as Your Wedding Transportation

You’ve been waiting for the day you say “I do” for the longest time. You have everything planned out, from the seating to the decorations. It’s finally your big day, and the one thing you definitely shouldn’t be worrying about is the wedding shuttle transportation. That’s why you have Prompt Charters. From out-of-state to hotel to venue services, we offer it all. We understand how stressful it can be for the couple to arrange everything, transportation included. They obviously don’t want their visitors late to their wedding, so they expect our shuttle services to get there on time. We do that and soooo much more. We don’t want your guests being late, struggling to find parking, or getting lost. From timing to reliable travel, Prompt Charters has it all locked down. Learn why you should pick Prompt Charters as your wedding transportation below.

Why a Wedding Shuttle Service is Important

Most weddings are held at venues, which means many, if not most, have to stay at hotels nearby. Getting to the ceremony location, like a chapel, can be difficult with traffic, finding parking, and driving directions. Depending where the wedding is, getting to it might make you late, especially with a large crowd. That’s why you should book Prompt Charters for an on-demand shuttle service. Depending on how many buses you want, our drivers can take the crowd from the hotels they’re staying at to the chapel. This proves to be faster than the visitors driving their own cars, causing an influx in the traffic. It also prevents them from getting lost. Driving directions can be confusing at times, but our drivers are highly experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the roads in the area. We recommend you booking several minibuses, because they can quickly shuttle passengers from one place to another.

Visitors from afar

Do you have visitors coming in from out-of-state or from a distant city in your state? If so, you might want a bus picking them up instead of them flying in or driving. If they all meet up in a central location, our bus drivers can pick the whole group up and transport them to their accommodations in your wedding city. If you/they have pre-arranged hotel plans, our drivers can drop them off and standby for further shuttle services. From the hotel, the buses can shuttle the visitors to the ceremony and then to the reception (if you’re having one). The importance of shuttle services can be read above. Once all the events are done, our drivers can take them back to the original pick-up point.

Reliable & Comfortable

When people travel, they always prefer to be comfortable. Prompt Charters strides to provide the most comfort in the industry. Many of our seats are plush, leather seats that people delight to sit on. We offer more legroom than a typical car or plane, giving a chance for passengers to stretch out. We know many wear their best to weddings, and we don’t want them to get wrinkled. By providing more legroom, passengers can keep themselves looking tidy and sharp. Not only are our buses comfortable, they also are reliable. Each bus is constantly tested and tried for any issues and problems. On top of that, our drivers are background checked and reliable. They know all the roads they travel on, and they also can be your personal guide for the area. When it comes to reliability, Prompt Charters are sure we’re one of the top competitors.

Wedding Related Travel

Other than shuttling visitors in, we also recommend you book us for other wedding related travels. Examples include the rehearsal dinners, groomsmen and bridesmaid’s transportation, honeymoon, and much more. We offer a special type of bus called the party bus. Inside, visitors can lounge back in their plush, leather seats and enjoy the party atmosphere. Inside, you can find a PA system, speakers, flat screen monitors, tables, and even a bathroom. These buses are perfect for afterparty travels, transporting the groomsmen and bridesmaids, and even for city trips. Aside from this, we offer plenty of minibuses, motor coaches, and more.

You can learn more about our services and vehicles at promptcharters.com. For a personalized quote, give our team a call at ☎ 1-877-277-6678. We hope you say “I do” to our services. Happy Travels!

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