Bus Charter Estimate- How to Calculate Charter Bus Cost.

The most common question when it comes to rent or charter a bus is how much it is going to cost? In fact there are many factors or variables in estimating the cost of a bus. These factors include the size of the bus, type of event, time of the year, location of the vent, duration of the trip etc.


Use The below table to estimate your trip.

Bus Type Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
Charter Bus $125 – $180 $1,300 – $1,700 $4.00 – $5.50
Minibus $125 – $160 $1,200 – $1,500 $4.00 – $5.50
Entertainer Bus N/A $1,900 – $2,500 $7.00 – $8.50

Bus Charter Examples or Scenario


Scenario 1- A Corporate Event


Company wants to take a group of people from Washington DC to Baltimore. The bus departs at 8 am and come back at 5 pm. The cost will be calculated at an hourly rate of $ 135/hr. If the trip is over 100 miles round trip, there will be a fuel surcharge of 12% of the hourly rate. For instance, the trip from DC to Baltimore round trip is less than 100 miles so there will be no fuel surcharge. In this case the estimate will be $ 135 x 9 hrs = $ 1215. Gratuity is not included.


So the total cost will be $ 1215.


But if the group is going to Philadelphia from Washington DC, it is over 100 miles, so then the fuel surcharge will apply. So in this scenario, it will be $ 135 X 9 = 1215. Then the fuel charge will be 12% of $ 1215. So the total trip cost before gratuity will be $ 1215 + 12 % of 1215, that is $ 1215 + $ 145.80 = 1360.80


So the total cost is $ 1360.80


Scenario 2  – A Church Youth Retreat


The community Baptist Church of Atlanta wants to take their youth group of about 55 to a youth camp in Orlando, Florida. The group leaves on Monday and coming back on the saturday of that week. So here the group uses the bus for 6 days and the round trip miles will be about 1000 miles. In this case, we will bill the group daily rate of $ 1100 each day and a fuel surcharge of 12%.


So the Trip total will be  $ 6600 + 792 = $ 7392.


Scenario 3- A Dinner Trip in Town In A 25 Seat Minibus


Let us say you and your family members go out for a dinner in town in a mini bus. You want to leave home at 5 pm and come back around midnight. Local trips such as this will be billed at $ 125/hr. Gratuity is not included.


Here the Trip cost will be $ 125 x 7 = $ 875


Scenario 4- A School Field Trip IN A School Bus.


Here a High School In Brooklyn wants to take 40 students to Dorney Park is a School Bus. The estimate here for a school bus charter is calculated by the hours used and the mileage. The group leaves Brooklyn at 7 am and come back at 7 pm. The bill will be done at $ 95/hr and 12% fuel charge. That is $ 1140


So the total trip cost will be $ 1276.80


Factors that Determine Prices


Factor 1- The Time of the Year


Bu trip estimate can fluctuate from time to time. For example if you are planning to book a bus during play off season, the estimate can go up to 20-35%.


Factor 2- Distance and Duration of the Trip.


When calculating bus trip estimate the primary variable is the duration of the trip. If the trip si within city limits for few hours it will be under $ 700. Prompt Charters use sophisticated softwares to calculate the prices. Our system take into consideration the distance traveling, the hours travelling and the stops the group planning. Make sure to provide us the exact address of the pick up and the address for the destination and the stops.


Factor 3- The Size and Type of the Bus


Simply speaking, the type of bus has huge impact in pricing. For example for few hours in town you can either use a School bus or a high end party bus. A School Bus cost only $ 550 for few hour but the party bus or the limo bus can cost over $ 1200.


Factor 4- Geographical Location


The city you are chartering can be very significant in calculating prices. Cities such as Orlando, Miami have lot of bus charter companies so the rate tend to be cheaper, but but cities like San Francisco and Boston have not many providers, so due to high demand the prices in those cities can be much higher. For example, a 56 seat Coach Bus is only around $ 100/hr in Orlando, Florida, but in San Francisco, it will be over $ 150/hr.


Tips to Save on Bus Charter Rentals


Here are a few tips for you to consider before to save when you charter buses.


  1. Book buses at least 2 months in advance.
  2. If possible, for summer season reserve buses at least 6 months in advance.
  3. Charter the right bus for your trip
  4. Make sure you leave the bus clean to avoid cleaning fee
  5. Ask for a complimentary room for your driver if you are staying a hotel
  6. Use all the available discounts during the time.


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