Charter a Bus During Covid-19, Avoid Flying

As more and more cities and airports are closed around the country, many companies and organizations are in limbo.  Some of them are canceling their plans and trips entirely. Spring breaks have been canceled, field trips have been postponed, and corporate meetings are rescheduled. All of them have a difficult time finding a way to get their destination during this busy season.  it is better to charter us for your upcoming trip. There are many reasons for the charter buses rather than flying during this crisis.  So call us at
877 277 6678 to book your trip. Ince Prompt Charters is ready to manage your trips and we are willing to take your group anywhere in North America.

Buses Are Disinfected

All our coach buses, charter buses, minibosses, school buses, and other vehicles are disinfected to protect our passengers and staff. As a precaution, we have decided to disinfect buses every day after each trip. People will definitely feel safe and comfortable in disinfected buses.

Limited Contact

While if you were to board an airplane you will have to come in contact with several hundred possibly thousands of people. You have to pass through busy airports, long check lines, have to deal with TAS who are potentially exposed to coronavirus. Therefore it is wise to avoid flying during this infection. Instead of charter a bus and that will minimize human contact. Unlike the airport, you are dealing with only staff- that is our professional driver. 


Charter Buses are the most economical and efficient way to travel around the country for a group. Commercial flights can not only be expensive, but they can also be exorbitant due to the coronavirus related problems. For example, if you were to fly 55 people from New York To Miami, it would cost you over 20,000 dollars for a round trip. But a charter bus can take your whole group and bring you back to New York for less than ten thousand dollars.

Less Complicated

Flying can not only be complicated but it can be exacerbating too. Flights are often delayed or canceled at the last minute. You have to go through long, slow-moving lines while checking. In addition, you have to go through the harrowing personal body checkup. But a charter bus can take you to your location without any of the hurdles and complications of commercial flying.

More Control Over Your Trip

When you fly in a commercial plane, you have absolutely no control over the flight, You are at the mercy of the airline crew when it comes to arrival, departure or flight time.  But when you charter a bus you have control over the departure, arrival, stops and any other needs. You can make frequent stops. Trips can be timed based on your schedule to give you more travel flexibility.

 So, if you look at the current situation, it is far better and more efficient to charter a bus to your destination. Charter buses give you a lot more convenience and flexibility in this crisis laden travels and trips. Prompt Charters is the largest charter bus company in North America with an extensive fleet of coach buses, minibuses, school buses, and party buses.

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