Charter Buses and Their Uses

If you’re looking for a great place to charter a bus, Prompt Charters is your ultimate destination. Featuring ten vehicles that include eight buses, the impressive fleet of Prompt Charters is sure to impress you and fulfill all your needs. From sporting events to corporate outings, Prompt Charters’ serve a variety of purposes. Below are the company’s buses and their uses.

15 Passenger Minibus


The 15-passenger minibus is perfect for a small, traveling group. Depending on the amount of people, it is perfect for a church trip, city visit, or even an out-of-state visit. Just because the bus is relatively small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the amenities of others. It features reclining seats with footrests, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, DVD system, GPS, and is also wheelchair accessible. The 15-passenger minibus is best for a small group luxury mode of transportation.

24 Passenger Minibus


If you’re looking for a slightly larger bus than the 15-passenger one, this one will be perfect for you. This minibus is perfect for most sporting events. It will fit most sports teams, like basketball, soccer, and maybe football. It also features flat screen monitors, so it will be easier for coaches to show game tape, plays, etc. There is a sizeable luggage compartment where the group can leave their belongings. Like the 15-passenger minibus, this one features air conditioning and heating, and a DVD system.

30 Passenger Minibus


The 30-passenger minibus is perfect for a decent-sized church trip, group outing, and slightly larger sports teams. It features everything from the 15 and 24 passenger buses, along with leather seats, power outlets, larger windows for optimal viewing, and larger flat screens. If you’re looking for something large but not too large, the 30-passenger minibus is for you.

Mini Coach Bus


If you want something a bit fancier than the 30-passenger minibus, choose the mini coach bus. It features a total of 37 leather seats, along with every feature of the minibuses. For a longer trip, this mini coach bus is for you. Popular uses of this bus are wedding trips, out-of-state traveling, church trips, and more.

Deluxe Motor Coach

The most popular option for traveling with Prompt Charters is the Deluxe Motor Coach. It is very spacious as it seats 47 to 61 people with plenty of legroom with each seat. For long trips (or even shorter ones), this bus should be your pick. One of the main reasons is that it comes with a bathroom, so passengers won’t have to get off the bus to relieve themselves. For a large group, not only is this perfect seating-wise, but also entertainment-wise. The DVD system, large flat screens, and Wi-Fi all make traveling with the Deluxe Motor Coach even more enjoyable. Not only is this bus the most popular, but it is also the most eco-friendly mode of transportation. Think about that whenever you decide to charter this bus.

School Bus


If you want just a basic bus with plenty of seats, you might want to choose the school bus. While it doesn’t feature most of the amenities of the buses listed above, it can still seat up to 48 people in its vinyl seats. This is the perfect option for a low-cost, non-luxury mode of transportation. The most common use of this bus is school trips and other school transportation needs.

Party Bus


The Party Bus is another popular option. Like the name suggests, it is perfect for those looking to have a good time on the bus. It features high-back seating, tables, and U-couches. The total seating is for 15 to 50 passengers. Like the Deluxe Motor Coach, the party bus features a bathroom and flat screen monitors along with a CD and DVD system. The party bus is perfect for Birthdays, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Pub Crawls, Club Hopping, and Corporate Outings.

No matter your needs, we’re sure that Prompt Charters will be able to assist you. To learn more about the buses and the other vehicles, head to the Prompt Charters website. If you would like a detailed, personalized quote, call our team at

☎ 1-877-277-6678. Prompt Charters will do all we can to make your trip better.


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