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The executive minibus is a vehicle of class, as well as comfortable and amenity-packed. Many corporations prefer this vehicle when booking corporate outings and business team trips. Here at Prompt Charters, one of the best in the chartering business, we are proud to offer our services and vehicles to both large and small businesses. Throughout the past, we’ve worked with Bank of America, Microsoft, Cisco, and many more. We would like to add you and your team to that long list, but not without explaining the reasons why our executive minibus is one of the finest for the occasion.


Class and Elegance

You have to admit, the executive minibus is one of the sleekest group-travel vehicles out there. Mostly covered in black, the minibus gives off an elegant and expensive look. This is a factor many companies look for when they book corporate outings with a bus company. They want to look amazing while traveling. For many higher-class companies, style and elegance is a priority, and having an amazing vehicle doesn’t hurt.



Another main thing companies look for is the comfort offered within the bus. Our Prompt Charter buses offer reclining, leather seats that are more comfortable compared to regular car seats. Additionally, our buses feature plenty of legroom, perfect for all sizes of passengers. Who doesn’t like to stretch out and get comfortable on a long ride? Other than comfortable seats, our buses offer AC & Heating, Wi-Fi, and much more. We also have televisions on our executive minibus, so passengers can watch their favorite show.


Reliability & Safety

One of the most important things to consider when working with a bus company is the safety and reliability of the driver and vehicle. Rest assured, each of our drivers are handpicked after thorough examination of his/her skills. They are reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable about every road they drive on. Not only are our drivers reliable, but so are our buses. They are made of sheets of metal, so they are stronger than average vehicles. Each bus is packed with modern safety software and amenities. In the event of an accident, the passengers will be protected.



Sure, companies in this scenario may have a lot of money, but no one likes to overspend. The good thing about Prompt Charters is we offer the best bang for the buck! We do not even consider overpricing, since that isn’t fair at all to customers. Our prices are competitive with other companies, so you’ll most likely be getting the best deal from us. When you decide to book with Prompt Charters, our resourceful agents will offer you a personalized quote that fits your needs.


These are just a few reasons why Prompt Charter’s executive minibus is among the best vehicle for corporate travel. From tons of useful amenities to reliability in the vehicle and driver, we offer it all. To become part of the ever-growing group that we have the opportunity to call clients, give our agents a call at ☎ 1-877-277-6678

For more information on what type of services or vehicles we offer, visit our website – www.promptcharters.com


Happy Travels and successful business trips!





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