Chartering a Coach Bus is Much Cheaper Than Flying For A Group

Most people tend to do cost analysis when they plan to travel as a group. Now we live in a time where flying commercial can be really inconvenient and irritating. Often the airport security check and the pain of dealing with airline can ruin your travel. These things force people to think alternative options other than flights.  What is the ideal choice?, A charter Bus has lots of advantages. A modern coach bus is a moving luxury machine with many amenities such as reclining seats, personal entertainment, wifi, power outlets, enough luggage space. There are pros and cons to both, but a charter bus is the best option in terms of comfort and cost for a group. See the factors that make Coach Bus Rental Much desirable and the right choice.

1. Comfortable Journey

Modern Coach buses are much more comfortable and luxurious than commercial planes. The coach buses have all the modern amenities that flights don’t have. Since many major airlines focus on adding more seats while making the leg rooms much smaller, coach bus offers large leg room and reclining seats. In a plane you will not enjoy the beauty of the nature where you can only see clouds through a small windows. The coach buses have larger windows that can give panoramic view of the countryside. Also you can move around and select the seat you want to sit.

2. Pace at your time

When you charter a bus, you have the flexibility of time. You can leave when you want to leave and you can make multiple stops. Also you can adjust and set your own time. If you fly in a commercial plane you do not have that luxury. Flight can be delayed for hours even days and that may throw off your plans. So in a charter bus you don’t have to worry about getting to your destination on time.


3. Cheaper and Efficient

Renting a charter bus for a regional trip is much cheaper than flying. For trips up to 1200 miles, charter bus is the most economic way. While a group of 56 people flying from Orlando To NYC can cost an average $ 300 per person round trip, a Coach Bus will only cost $ 200 per person.


See the table Below to see the comparison.

From To Flight FLIGHT Cost Charter Bus Cost
New York Miami $ 275  $ 150
Chicago Dallas $ 250 $ 175
Los angeles San Francisco  $ 200 $ 75
Boston Washington DC $ 285  $ 140



4.  Larger Luggage Space and More Leg Room

Most of the airline now charge for both checked bags and carry ons. But if your group travel in a coach bus you have plenty of luggage space. While flights have limited space, coach buses have underneath luggage space that use you can store unlimited luggages. This is true especially if the group is a music group with large size luggages such as drums and other instruments. Another great advantages is that you get much bigger legroom than flights.


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