Quick Tips for Booking the Right Bus for Your Group

Whether we travel with family, friends, or office groups, the memories we create while traveling lasts for a lifetime. Everything becomes way more enjoyable when your choose everything carefully, from vehicle to destination. Planning a trip can be daunting, and make sure you plan well and ahead of time to avoid last-minute surprises.

While planning a group trip, you need to consider everyone’s needs and suggestions while booking the conveyance or accommodation. Call our customer support team at Promptcharters.com to ask your queries regarding the bus types and services we offer for group travel. We make sure you get the most comfortable and fully sanitized bus to make your travel worry-free and safe. Our contact number is  877-277-6678.

In case you are the one who is planning a group tour, then here are some important tips you need to consider.

I. Size and type of bus:

First, you have to take care of things like the size of your group, the distance you have to travel, and the trip budget. You can consider other things like space, comfort, hygiene, and more.

Shuttle bus

A medium-sized group may be excessively huge for a shuttle bus; however, excessively small for a charter bus. For this situation, a minibus may be an ideal size. Try not to be tricked by its name since, in such a case that your group is 30 or fewer travelers, the minibus has the perfect number of seats. A Shuttle bus is a great choice for smaller groups and accommodates between 8-15 passengers. The minibus will likewise cost less and is a perfect choice for limited-distance travel.


Minibuses are ideal for or short trips and when you’re going with around 30 individuals. They are normally useful for road trips to, say, shows, weddings, distillery trips, and more. They are equipped with AC, admittance to Wi-Fi, and a facility to charge phones/laptops. Since they’re for more modest gatherings and short outings, they, as a rule, don’t have restrooms. They likewise don’t have a luggage carrier however have overhead spaces just for small bags.

Charter bus

You will get lots of amenities like power plugs, washrooms, and more on the charter bus. These buses have properly cushioned seats, recline and have sufficient storage space under them. If your group consists of 40-60 people, these buses are the way to go. These charter buses are perfect for large groups or big family reunions and quite comfortable for long-distance. You can easily book a charter bus from promptcharters.com for your next trip.

II. Book Bus in Advance

Group travel calls for a lot of organization, and all your planning should be done in advance to avoid last-minute chaos. It’s simple, the sooner you book your bus, the fewer problems you will get during or before the trip.

III. Take care of comfort.

Regardless of how thrilling your bus journey is, a few hours or days on the road can be quite difficult for even the road trip herp. It would help if you considered leg space, types of seats, space between seats, luggage racks, and more of the bus. We know that these are just little things but believe us, these little things will make a huge difference in your road trip. Imagine yourself in a scenario where you cannot stretch your legs comfortably due to less legroom in your bus seat. Such situations are very frustrating and can spoil the entire trip.

At Prompt charters, we make sure the quality of our buses is top-notch regardless of the trip distance. We make customer’s comfort and convenience our top priority to make sure they focus on the main thing- enjoyment! Our experts have experience planning group trips and would be happy to assist you in booking a bus tour for your group. If you have more queries regarding our bus service, please reach out to us and ask as many questions as you want.

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