Safe Charter Bus Travel Tips for Families

Traveling is part and parcel of life, and a family trip is what almost all of us cherish – be it for necessity or amusement. Unfortunately, with the beginning of Covid-19, this part of regular day-to-day existence has become progressively hazardous. If your friends and family need to go during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are a few tips to assist you with doing it safely.

During vehicle travel, making stops en route for gas, food, or washroom breaks can put you and your loved ones in close contact with others and often contacted surfaces. If you hire a chartered bus, you might need to stop less frequently for food or restroom breaks and maintain social distancing. All our chartered buses are fully disinfected and cleaned properly to ensure your safe and hassle-free trip in North America.


How can we travel safely during COVID-19 as a family?

If you do decide to travel, check for any movement limitations, stay-at-home protocols, isolating and testing necessities in your area, and the spots you’re going to visit. Remember, these strategies might change with minimal early notification, and your travel plan might be disturbed. Although most people in North America are vaccinated, children are still not vaccinated and need special care. Ensure to pay special attention to your child’s health and make sure they follow the COVID-19 protocols.

Here are some of the best tips to ensure safe travel with family during COVID-19:

Do Get Medical Check-Ups Done Beforehand:

It is prescribed to complete full clinical checkups, particularly for COVID-19. If necessary, carry a copy of your reports to avoid any inconvenience. Senior residents should be cautious as the disease is profoundly infectious and spreads slow and steadily. In addition, keep up with social distancing consistently regardless area you’re traveling to.

Wearing a Mask is a Must

As clear as it would sound, wearing a mask/face cover consistently is vital while going in the COVID 19. Be it in flights or while lodging registration, never remove the mask in the open. While utilizing public vehicles, it is crucial to wash and disinfect your hands with a sanitizer containing basically 60% alcohol. Additionally, it is also a smart thought to carry various masks along to be on the more secure side.

Go for Cashless Transactions

Be it lodging appointments or making flight plans, it is consistently a smart thought to go for cashless transactions. The issue with money notes is: they change hands as often as possible, which may bring about contaminations as a normal currency note changes hands 40-50 times each day. It is advisable to utilize cashless payments methods at lodgings and public vehicles to limit actual contact with individuals along these lines. You can book a chartered bus from by making cashless payments on the website. At Prompt Charters, you can book vehicles like coach buses, minibuses, shuttles, and limousine services to ensure people’s safe and secure travel in North America. Call us today at 1-877-277-6678.

Avoid Public Transport as Much as Possible

Last but not least, avoid public transport as much as possible while planning to travel during COVID-19 with family. Even flights and trains can be at risk during these times. Our charter bus service can help you plan a private family trip to avoid the spread of the virus. Since all our chartered buses are disinfected properly, the chances of risk are very low.

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