Sebastopol, California City Attractions And Charter Bus Rental Services

Sebastopol is a city in Sonoma County, in California with a recorded population of 7,379, per the 2010 U.S. Census. Sebastopol was once primarily a plum and apple-growing region. Today, wine grapes are the predominant agriculture crop, and nearly all lands once used for orchards are now vineyards.



City Attractions

1. Merry Edwards Winery
2. Joe Rodota Trail at Sonoma County Parks
3. Emeritus Vineyards
4. Dutton Goldfield Winery
5. Spirit Works Distillery
6. Paul Hobbs Winery
7. Sturgeons Mill
8. The Barlow
9. Ragle Ranch Regional Park
10. Patrick Amiot Junk Art
11. Lynmar Estate Winery
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