Seneca Park Zoo exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Charters in US

You might be interested to explore the Seneca Park Zoo being located within 15.5-acre in Rochester, New York will enthuse you along with its 90 species like mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish and arachnids.


You will find here in the area the Rocky Coasts exhibit which was opened in 1997 dedicated to animals of the polar and temperate coastal regions of the world, like the African penguins, California sea lions, polar bears, snowy owl, Canada lynx and sandhill cranes.
You might be interested to find here the A Step Into Africa- the exhibit including the replica Maasai hut, Dig Zone for uncovering casts of fossils, interactive learning tools, along with the stationary safari bus from where the Zoo’s African lions can be viewed.
You can also see here the Zoo’s African Elephants, olive baboons, and African lions, in naturalistic settings.
You will find the Seneca Park Zoo hosting numerous events throughout the year like the free-with-admission events including the animal birthdays, conservation and species awareness days, etc.
You might be interested to explore the Jungle Jog 5K race occurring in July of each year having runners through Seneca Park and the Zoo. This 5K is extremely popular with area runners.
The fact that the Seneca Park Zoo takes efforts to help numerous communities in the Western New York region to educate the public regarding the animal and resource conservation, environmental awareness and recycling programs will also enthuse you.
Your children will sure to love the Zoo as the popular destination having space for the school field trips and it will interest them to participate in the expeditions for schoolchildren to learn specific lessons in a zoo setting.

The ZooMobile, sponsored by Wegmans, brings small, transportable animals to places like recreation centers, senior living facilities and schools.
The Butterfly Beltway program, sponsored by the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation, is a program aimed at planting butterfly gardens to increase populations of monarch butterflies, vital pollinators in the region.
The other programs like the summer programming, ZooCamp and ZooTeens renders a unique space for the community an opportunity to enjoy first-hand experiences with educators, zoo keepers and animals for that matter.
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