Why You Should Charter a Bus for Field Trips


So you’re thinking of planning a field trip for your students. What should you do: use a school bus or charter a private bus? Below are the main reasons why you should book a charter bus for field trips rather than take a school bus.



The first reason why take a chartered bus over a regular school bus is comfort. You probably already thought of this. Prompt Charters’ buses are one of the best options around, especially for comfort. The seats itself depend on the type of bus chartered, but most buses feature comfortable leather seats. The mini coach bus is one of the best options for a field trip, as it can seat 37 passengers. It comes with leather seats as well as a load of other amenities. All bus models feature air conditioning, additional legroom, and more.



We understand field trips can be long and tiresome, so a great way to pass the time on the road is to use our entertainment options. Once again it depends on the type of bus, but several bus models come fitted with flat screen televisions. Also, many come with complimentary Wi-Fi, so that means you can display your online videos on the flat screens. Boom, instant entertainment. Our buses also have speaker and PA systems, so you can play music throughout the bus.


Stress Free

We know that planning group activities like a field trip can be stressful for teachers and the principal/director of the school. On top of grading papers and teaching kids valuable information, they have to plan (and drive!) a trip for their students. Well, this is where Prompt Charters comes in. Each chartered bus comes with its own driver, so that takes away so much travel stress. Now, those involved won’t have to worry about driving directions, timing, or anything related with driving. Each driver is experienced and knowledgeable, so they will take that burden off the instructors’ shoulders.



Another great feature about our buses is that they come with plenty of storage options. Most bus models feature either overhead bins, underside compartments, or rear storage space. Some buses even come with all of that! Kids may want or are required to bring book bags or other belongings. These can be stored away carefully during the drive in one of the storage spaces. Small bags and belongings can be placed in the overhead bins, and larger articles can be stored down below.


Eco Friendly

If you work in a school, chances are that you teach or encourage environment friendly practices. Did you know taking a fuel-efficient bus, like our models, is better than traveling in a school bus or a car? The main reason is that the larger charter buses can take almost 50 cars off the road, lowering the emission spread into the air. Also, fuel prices for the charter bus are better than a car, since it can be divided among each passenger. If you’re considering an eco-friendly way to travel, chartered bus is the way.



Another thing you can rely on Prompt Charters for is the safety we provide. All drivers are thoroughly tested through various conditions. They all have years of experience and are very knowledgeable of each road they drive on. Not only are our drivers safe and reliable, but so are our buses. Most of our bus models are made with sheets of metal, so it’ll protect you in the case of an accident.


These are just a few reasons why a charter bus may fit your needs more than a regular school bus. If your school would rather choose a classic school bus over a charter bus and is in need of one, we offer school buses as well. Prices are different of charter buses, but they’ll be a little bit cheaper.

For more information on what services and vehicles we offer, visit www.promptcharters.com.

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Happy Travels and an amazing Field Trip!

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