Why You Should Select Prompt Charters for Travel

As days go by, technology is rising, making traveling much easier. There are several popular travel methods, but one of the best ways for travel is by chartered bus. Prompt Charters, one of the industry’s oldest contenders, is also the best option for chartering buses. Let us explain why below.


Prompt Charters has over 50 years of history in the bus industry, and we’ve been offering quality service from the start. We’ve done everything in our power to offer amazing service as well as customer support. With these traits, we’ve grown to become one of the largest bus and minibus chartering companies in North America. We’ve developed high reputations as the go-to bus company with many private and public companies, as well as thousands of people.Major corporations such as Cisco, Bank of America, and Microsoft are all partnered with us. Not only do we strive to do the best we can in the industry, we also try to be the safest. From drivers to the buses, we do our best to provide safe service to all our customers.These are the major reasons that prove the reliability and safety of Prompt Charters.


Prompt Charters offers one of the best rates in the industry. Our rates are very competitive and discount rates are available for long term contracts and non-profit organizations. Quotes are given based on the type of bus and how long the customer is chartering for. We have a specialized team that focuses on giving a detailed, personalized quote every time you contact us.Reservations can be made online 24 hours a day and confirmation will be emailed to you the same day. Prompt Charters offers Sedans, limos, vans, minibuses, limo buses, school buses and motor coaches for charters. Each type vehicle will have a cost different than that of another, but Prompt Charters will do the best we can to offer that vehicle at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for an affordable charter bus company, Prompt Charters is for you.

Range of Service

Prompt Charters prides itself on what we do and how far we reach. Currently, we offer chartered services at around 200 locations across North America. Through our network of affiliates, we offer plenty of buses in the United States and Canada. Our team strives to add new locations to the map, so you and others can benefit from our work. Some major cities we offer direct charter services in include New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Toronto, Washington DC, Denver, Boston and Chicago. You can read about these and other cities we offer services in on our city blogs.

Special Services

Prompt Charters arrange all characters meticulously and efficiently work to make your trip a successful and memorable one. Our account executives will work with you to customize your travel needs. We can arrange meet and greet at the airport, plan the route and wrap the bus with your corporate logo, products or brand. Our vehicles can be used for an types of campaign, such as elections for offices. One of our most important features is that we will add your company or organization as additionally insured suits. This will protect your organization from any future lawsuits. Prompt Charters does everything we can to make your trip everything it must be.

No matter what your needs are, Prompt Charters will be able to fulfill your every desire. From events to campaigns, we got you covered. To learn more about our vehicles, visit our website  www.promptcharters.com. To receive a detailed quote from our team, call us at ☎ 1-877-277-6678. Prompt Charters works hard so you don’t have to.










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