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Charter Bus Trip in Oakland Park, Florida

Oakland Park

Oakland Park, officially the City of Oakland Park, is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States. If you are interested to visit Oakland Park, Don’t forget to visit these places and attractions.

1. Garman Sculpture Works
2. Jaco Pastorius Park
3. Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library
4. Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is one of the best charter bus providers in Oakland Park. You can rent a Charter Bus, Mini Bus, School Bus, Party Bus etc. depends up on your group size. So call us today at 1-877-277-6678 and ask for a free charter bus quote.

Why Our Buses Support the Causes of Earth Day

Today is April 22, 2019, the day set apart to honor the causes towards environmental safety. Every year, almost 200 countries participate in events coordinated by Earth Day Network. The Earth Day Network hosts large cleanups, educates others on the benefit of keeping the environment clean, and much more. Each year, the Earth Day Network fights to end or lower pollution. Most sources of air pollution are either factories or the cars and vehicles on the road. The carbon footprint they leave is decreasing the quality of the air, as well as damaging the functionality of humans, plants, and animals.

That’s where our buses come in. Buses, especially larger varieties, are better for the environment. “Why?” you may ask, especially since their larger. Won’t they let out more harmful chemicals? Well, let us explain below why buses are among the best land vehicles for the environment.

Larger the Bus, the Fewer the Cars

Take a group trip, for example. Everyone is traveling to a city about 100 miles away. What’s better: sixty passengers in one bus or up to 55 individual cars? You hopefully can choose the obvious answer, the bus. According to the National Express Transit, “Buses generate only about 20% of the carbon monoxide and just 10% of the hydrocarbons per passenger-mile when compared with a single-occupancy vehicle.” A large charter bus has the capability of taking up to 55 cars off the road. Think about how much emissions won’t be spread into the air!

Less Fuel Consumption

Fuel, as helpful and useful as it is, is also a major factor when it comes to air pollution. When the fuel is burned and used for the vehicle to run, harmful chemicals like nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide are let loose into the air. Since a bus has the capability to take up to 55 cars off the road, the fuel used would be lower. While a bus does use more fuel than one single car, it is a sliver when compared to over 50 cars.

Typically Less Littering

When someone is driving in a car, they have the opportunity to roll down their windows and throw their trash outside. Littering can be dangerous toward the environment, especially if what they threw out is toxic or harmful to the plants and animals nearby. In a bus, this usually is not the case. Most bus windows cannot be opened, so people are forced to throw out their trash in garbage cans or when they exit the bus. While people may leave their trash within the bus, it is our job already to clean the buses after each trip. This job is much better than allowing people to hurt the environment.
The three reasons above are just a few of many important reasons why buses are better for the environment. We shouldn’t care about the environment just on Earth Day, but we should do our part every day. Prompt Charters have been at the top of bus industry for many years, mainly since we put economy-friendly transport within our priorities. When you travel, travel with a reliable chartered bus like Prompt Charters. As technology increases, so does our variety of more eco-friendly buses. As the future rolls about, our fleet will consist more of electric and battery powered buses, such as the one below.

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Why You Should Charter a Bus for Field Trips



Why You Should Charter a Bus for Field Trips


So you’re thinking of planning a field trip for your students. What should you do: use a school bus or charter a private bus? Below are the main reasons why you should book a charter bus for field trips rather than take a school bus.



The first reason why take a chartered bus over a regular school bus is comfort. You probably already thought of this. Prompt Charters’ buses are one of the best options around, especially for comfort. The seats itself depend on the type of bus chartered, but most buses feature comfortable leather seats. The mini coach bus is one of the best options for a field trip, as it can seat 37 passengers. It comes with leather seats as well as a load of other amenities. All bus models feature air conditioning, additional legroom, and more.



We understand field trips can be long and tiresome, so a great way to pass the time on the road is to use our entertainment options. Once again it depends on the type of bus, but several bus models come fitted with flat screen televisions. Also, many come with complimentary Wi-Fi, so that means you can display your online videos on the flat screens. Boom, instant entertainment. Our buses also have speaker and PA systems, so you can play music throughout the bus.


Stress Free

We know that planning group activities like a field trip can be stressful for teachers and the principal/director of the school. On top of grading papers and teaching kids valuable information, they have to plan (and drive!) a trip for their students. Well, this is where Prompt Charters comes in. Each chartered bus comes with its own driver, so that takes away so much travel stress. Now, those involved won’t have to worry about driving directions, timing, or anything related with driving. Each driver is experienced and knowledgeable, so they will take that burden off the instructors’ shoulders.



Another great feature about our buses is that they come with plenty of storage options. Most bus models feature either overhead bins, underside compartments, or rear storage space. Some buses even come with all of that! Kids may want or are required to bring book bags or other belongings. These can be stored away carefully during the drive in one of the storage spaces. Small bags and belongings can be placed in the overhead bins, and larger articles can be stored down below.


Eco Friendly

If you work in a school, chances are that you teach or encourage environment friendly practices. Did you know taking a fuel-efficient bus, like our models, is better than traveling in a school bus or a car? The main reason is that the larger charter buses can take almost 50 cars off the road, lowering the emission spread into the air. Also, fuel prices for the charter bus are better than a car, since it can be divided among each passenger. If you’re considering an eco-friendly way to travel, chartered bus is the way.



Another thing you can rely on Prompt Charters for is the safety we provide. All drivers are thoroughly tested through various conditions. They all have years of experience and are very knowledgeable of each road they drive on. Not only are our drivers safe and reliable, but so are our buses. Most of our bus models are made with sheets of metal, so it’ll protect you in the case of an accident.


These are just a few reasons why a charter bus may fit your needs more than a regular school bus. If your school would rather choose a classic school bus over a charter bus and is in need of one, we offer school buses as well. Prices are different of charter buses, but they’ll be a little bit cheaper.

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Happy Travels and an amazing Field Trip!

Executive Minibus – Charter Business Outings in Style


The executive minibus is a vehicle of class, as well as comfortable and amenity-packed. Many corporations prefer this vehicle when booking corporate outings and business team trips. Here at Prompt Charters, one of the best in the chartering business, we are proud to offer our services and vehicles to both large and small businesses. Throughout the past, we’ve worked with Bank of America, Microsoft, Cisco, and many more. We would like to add you and your team to that long list, but not without explaining the reasons why our executive minibus is one of the finest for the occasion.


Class and Elegance

You have to admit, the executive minibus is one of the sleekest group-travel vehicles out there. Mostly covered in black, the minibus gives off an elegant and expensive look. This is a factor many companies look for when they book corporate outings with a bus company. They want to look amazing while traveling. For many higher-class companies, style and elegance is a priority, and having an amazing vehicle doesn’t hurt.



Another main thing companies look for is the comfort offered within the bus. Our Prompt Charter buses offer reclining, leather seats that are more comfortable compared to regular car seats. Additionally, our buses feature plenty of legroom, perfect for all sizes of passengers. Who doesn’t like to stretch out and get comfortable on a long ride? Other than comfortable seats, our buses offer AC & Heating, Wi-Fi, and much more. We also have televisions on our executive minibus, so passengers can watch their favorite show.


Reliability & Safety

One of the most important things to consider when working with a bus company is the safety and reliability of the driver and vehicle. Rest assured, each of our drivers are handpicked after thorough examination of his/her skills. They are reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable about every road they drive on. Not only are our drivers reliable, but so are our buses. They are made of sheets of metal, so they are stronger than average vehicles. Each bus is packed with modern safety software and amenities. In the event of an accident, the passengers will be protected.



Sure, companies in this scenario may have a lot of money, but no one likes to overspend. The good thing about Prompt Charters is we offer the best bang for the buck! We do not even consider overpricing, since that isn’t fair at all to customers. Our prices are competitive with other companies, so you’ll most likely be getting the best deal from us. When you decide to book with Prompt Charters, our resourceful agents will offer you a personalized quote that fits your needs.


These are just a few reasons why Prompt Charter’s executive minibus is among the best vehicle for corporate travel. From tons of useful amenities to reliability in the vehicle and driver, we offer it all. To become part of the ever-growing group that we have the opportunity to call clients, give our agents a call at ☎ 1-877-277-6678

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Happy Travels and successful business trips!





Charter Bus Service in North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Originally named Fulford-by-the-Sea in 1926 after Captain William H. Fulford of the United States Coast Guard, the city was renamed North Miami Beach in 1931. Most visitors like this city because
it is included a line of popular Atlantic ocean beaches, Ancient Spanish Monastery, Oleta River State Park,Greynolds Park,Fulford-by-the-Sea Monument, and Aventura Mall.It is a popular spot for weddings.

If you are interested to visit this city, and you are looking for a charter bus service in North Miami Beach, is the most trusted charter bus company here. Go ahead and call us today at 1-877-277-6678 and ask for a free charter bus quote.

Why You Should Use a Charter Bus for College Tours

In most students’ lives, picking a college is one of the most important decisions they can make. Typically, students have their first term during the fall season, but they tend to apply and look at colleges much before then. We’re already in April, and college hunting is on full blast. Students begin to read about colleges on various websites, as well as book tours on campuses they’re interested in. Is that college near their high school? Do many students have an interest in that college or university? Well, if you’re a school director or principal, you might want to think about organizing a group college tour for any students interested in that campus. You know what would make that 10 times easier? A charter bus with a designated driver. Well, Prompt Charters offers exactly those services and many (many!) more. From vans to minibuses to large deluxe motor coaches, we have it all. But why exactly is a chartered bus so helpful in this scenario? Well, below are a few reasons why you should book a charter bus for your students’ college tours.

Cost Effectiveness

If each student drives by themselves or with their family in a single car, the total number of trips to that campus made by all the students is a lot. The price of gas for all these trips adds up to well over what it would cost to charter a bus. Here’s the good thing about chartering a bus. Since everyone is on one bus (or more depending on the size of the group), each person won’t have to spend gas prices individually for the miles they cover. A great way to organize the cost is to have each student bring a few bucks, which would help cover the cost of the bus.



If all the students and family ride on one bus instead of many cars, it is also better for the environment. A single car lets out only a slight emission of carbon dioxide but think of 50 or even 100 cars. That’s a lot of carbon dioxide in the air! Well, a motor coach has the capability to take off about 50 cars off the road and emitting less carbon dioxide per person compared to a car. A motor coach has the room for over 60 people, which would fit about 20 families consisting of a student + their parents. Travel by bus is a lot better for the economy than individual cars.


Group Experience

We admit it: college tours can be long and boring. Your student might wander off, either by walking or even mentally. Walking through building after building and following pathway after pathway can be a drawn out and tedious process. What if that student’s friends came along too? He would be more likely not to wander off or feel bored while with his friends. Bringing a group, especially consisted of friends, make long tours much easier and more fun. Of course, this raises the question: won’t my student stop paying attention? Many studies show that being around people who you enjoy raise mental consciousness and alertness.


Less Stress

Traveling to the college or university can be a lot of stress, for both students and their parents. You have to find the way, sometimes even traveling on unfamiliar roads. Once there, you need to figure out where you have to park out of the million parking lots at the college. After the tour, you have to somehow make your way back to the car. Ugh, we understand how stressful this can be, and so we want to help. Charter buses come with a designated, knowledgeable driver. He’s familiar with the roads you’ll take to get to the university. Once there, he’ll drop you off then go wait at a specific parking lot. Once the tour is done, forget about going to the bus – he’ll bring the bus to you. Prompt Charters always provides reliable drivers, because we know that traveling stress sucks!


Comfortable Travel

Most cars tend to have uncomfortable plush seating, with usually leather seating reserved for more expensive models. Well, Prompt Charters offers you the most comfort when it comes to charter buses. Most of our models have comfortable leather seats, and some even recline. Every bus has air conditioning, as well as speaker and PA systems. That way, fan favorite songs can be played on the (sometimes long) trips. Several of our buses feature televisions, as well as Wi-Fi. That way, you can watch a movie or learn more about the college you’re about to visit. Also, if you bring a backpack or purse, you won’t have to hold it in your lap. Our buses and minibuses have luggage compartments, with many models featuring overhead bins. All this says one thing – Prompt Charters keeps comfort very high on our priority list.


All these reasons are just a few of the many to use a chartered bus for a group campus tour. Prompt Charters is among the best in the bus industry, and we pride ourselves in our variety of vehicles and services. To learn more about our services and vehicles, visit To get a personal quote from our agents, contact us today at
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