50 Mother’s Day Ideas & Activities


Promptcharters.com wishes you a very happy Mother’s Day on behalf of our charter bus services. It’s almost May 12th, the day we celebrate Mother’s Day this year. Around the world, mothers work hard to provide for their kids and families. We all often don’t give them the attention we need, so we should strive to do the best we can for them, at least on Mother’s Day. Below are some ideas which you can do for your mother on Mother’s Day.

  1. Make her breakfast-in-bed.
  2. Give your mom her favorite flowers.
  3. Surprise her with your own Mother’s Day Card.
  4. Make a video montage of the best moments of you and her.
  5. Customize a coffee mug with pictures of her kids and grandchildren.
  6. Cook your mom’s favorite recipe for her.
  7. Make her lunch.
  8. Do her work (cooking, cleaning, etc.) for her.
  9. Take beautiful photos of her and her kids & grandkids.
  10. Hire a cleaning maid for her.
  11. Take her to an amazing salon.
  12. Prepare a visit from relatives for her.
  13. Take your mom out to eat at a fancy restaurant.
  14. Spend a day at a resort with her.
  15. Paint a portrait of/for her.
  16. Make a customized picture frame.
  17. Update the family photo album with more pics of her and kids.
  18. Take her on a road trip to her favorite city with Prompt Charters.
  19. Do something with her which she always wanted to do.
  20. Take her to the movies.
  21. Help her plant a garden full of her favorite plants.
  22. Buy her expensive chocolates.
  23. Take her to a play or an opera.
  24. Make a photo book with just her photos.
  25. Take her for a photoshoot.
  26. Watch a family movie at home.
  27. Buy her lotions, perfumes, and creams.
  28. Give her a gift certificate for a service place (spa, pedicure, or salon).
  29. Make her a playlist of her favorite songs.
  30. Collect the family recipes into a book and give it to her.
  31. Take her out to dinner.
  32. Make her fridge magnets with pics of her, kids, and grandkids.
  33. Get all the kids/grandkids to sing her a song.
  34. Buy her a cute purse or handbag.
  35. Treat her to some ice cream or frozen yogurt.
  36. Take her shopping.
  37. Visit relatives with her.
  38. Take her to an art museum.
  39. Go on a nature hike with her.
  40. Visit a farmer’s market together.
  41. Go fruit picking.
  42. Bake a cake for her.
  43. Make a list of why she is important to you.
  44. Share laughs with her.
  45. Take her to a sewing, cooking, or painting class.
  46. Buy your mom more stuff for her kitchen.
  47. Buy a kitchen appliance she’s been wanting.
  48. Make a cute arts&crafts gift for her.
  49. Buy her a bracelet or locket containing pics of her kids.
  50. Say, “I love you.” – sometimes we don’t say it enough.


These 50 ideas are just a few of the many things you can do for your mother. For most of these, you can do it in one day. Mothers work hard, so make this Mother’s Day the best you possibly can! Happy Mother’s Day!


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