What You Should Pack for Rolling Loud & Miami


In just a few days, one of the largest hip-hop music festivals, Rolling Loud, will hold its 5-year anniversary in Miami. From Friday May 10th to Sunday May 12th, the music festival will be the stage for some of the biggest names in hip-hop. A few in the lineup include Migos, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi, Kendrick Lamar, and many (many) more. They definitely picked one of the best locations for the festival this year. Miami features beautiful, sunny weather, as well as rolling waves on its famous beaches. If you’re visiting Rolling Loud, you CANNOT miss out on the opportunity to explore and enjoy Miami. This blog is dedicated to what you should pack for your Miami – Rolling Loud visit.


So Miami can be pretty hot, so you want to pack lighter, comfortable clothes. If you’re wearing thicker and heavier apparel, you’re likely to get sweater and more tired soon. So this packing guide is split into three parts: Casual, formal, and general. Casual will focus on clothes you might wear to Rolling Loud, the beach, and to just explore Miami. Formal features clothes that you might want to wear to a fancy meeting or restaurant. Lastly, general focuses on items that everyone who visits should bring.

*Note: This guide doesn’t list socks, underwear, and other similar items. It’s already expected for you to bring these.



T-Shirts –  Miami is most likely going to be hot or at least warm (somewhere above 80 degrees). A great apparel essential for this type of weather is t-shirts. T-shirts allow you to remain modest while still enjoying the weather. A great tip is to wear lighter fabric t-shirts, like cotton. Cotton clothing is perfect for hot weather, since it keeps you cooler than most other types of fabric. Another tip is lighter colored shirts. You’ve probably heard this before, but lighter colors tend to reflect the sunlight while darker colors absorb it. You might want to pack some white and other light-colored shirts for this trip.


Shorts – Just like t-shirts, shorts are another casual essential. Pick out some lighter, breathable shorts. One of the best options are cotton shorts, since they’re relatively cheap and available everywhere. Other breathable fabrics include linen and silk (these tend to be a little more expensive). Lighter cargo shorts are great for exploring Miami. Since you’ll probably be carrying your phone, wallet, and other stuff, the pockets make it great to go hands-free.


Swim Clothes – Swim clothes are a must if you are going to be in the Miami waters. Regular shorts get heavy once in water, but light swimming trunks keep you comfortable while you’re down under. Girls may prefer swimming shorts or bikinis to wear in the blue waters of Miami beach. There’s a lot to do on or near Miami beach, like jet ski, scuba dive, and much more. These activities are most enjoyed when in comfortable swimming clothing, like trunks or bikinis.


Pants – Jeans are a great clothing piece to have with you on your trip. Since it is so versatile, you can match it with so many things. You can go casual with a t-shirt, or even dress it up with a polo or a suit jacket. Another great pants option you should have with you is joggers or sweatpants. These are usually comfortable and best for working out or taking it casual. If you’re looking to get a little more stylish, try chino pants. Not only do they look great, but they also are comfortable if fitted correctly.


Casual Shoes or Sneakers – When you’re out and about exploring Miami or at the music festival, you should be looking out for comfort for your feet. Comfortable shoes are always a must-have, especially if you want to explore the big city. Cushion-padded sneakers give you that athletic feel while keeping your feet comfortable. Shoes like vans are not always the most comfortable, but they’re another good-looking option. Sandles don’t offer your feet much comfort when you’re walking around, but they can be useful on the beach.



Dress Shirts – If you’re looking to go a bit classier and more formal, dress shirts are a good option to have. Whether you choose long-sleeve or short-sleeve t-shirts, it is best to go with lighter colored options. Once again, the “light colors reflect and dark colors absorb” principle comes into play. Also, you should probably choose a breathable fabric like cotton, silk, or linen (especially if you’re wearing it with a suit jacket). Sometimes, satin can be light and a good option in dress shirts.


Dress Pants – If you’re going to wear a dress shirt, you might as well bring a pair of dress pants too. A good pair of pants complements the shirt, so you can be looking your best if you choose a good combo. When choosing dress pants, it might be hard to choose a good-looking lighter shade of pants, so opt for something like a lighter navy blue or gray. Black, although it may be really classy, attracts the heat towards your body.


Suit Pieces – When many think of elegance or formal wear (especially in men’s clothing), they think of suits or suit jackets and such. They add a lot of flavor and style in an outfit, something most look for when trying to dress formally. When in Miami, you might not want to choose really dark options. Go with something light-colored like gray or a lighter navy blue (just like the pants). Since a suit is generally a heavier/thicker type of apparel option, its best to go with the lighter options if you still want to be comfortable after a few hours in them. Thinner cotton or silk suits are a great, light option.


Formal Shoes – When it comes to shoes in formal dressing, people typically opt for two options: dress shoes or sneakers/casual shoes. When choosing a dress shoe to pack, choose the one with the most comfort. A lot of dress shoes aren’t that comfortable, so its best to find the few that are. Instead of dress shoes, many opt to wear casual shoes like vans with their formal clothing pieces. Once again, choose the shoes that you like which feature the most comfort.



Sunscreen – Miami is probably going to be sunny, so don’t forget your sunscreen lotion to protect you from the rays.

Sunglasses – To keep from the sunshine blinding you wherever you go, it’s probably best to bring a pair of sunglasses.

Toiletries – Everyone brushes (hopefully) their teeth in the morning, right? Don’t forget your personal hygiene items!

Chargers – All that use of social media on your phone/other devices are draining your battery. Stay plugged in by bringing extra chargers!

Extra Money – Thinking about buying some souvenirs from Rolling Loud? Well, you might want to bring some extra money.

Proper Identification – This is a must wherever you go, especially in Miami. If you want to order drinks, you must present your card to verify your age. Leaving it behind can cause some serious problems. Don’t forget it!


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