Responsible Road Tripping During COVID-19

Since we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the safest thing to do is to stay at home. However, if you need some break from home or planning a staycation, and you need to get all over town, consider a road trip. Using public transport can be a risky thing to do. Get your car or hire a rental car for a safe and secure road trip. Next, we are going to reveal the best tips for responsible road tripping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe Charter Bus Service

 Prep your vehicle ahead of time

Ensuring your vehicle is fit as a fiddle before leaving on a road trip is vital whether or not you travel now or post-pandemic. However, during COVID-19, certain services, for example, service stations, automobile shops, and tire stores, may have restricted hours, so your vehicle should be state-of-the-art on completely required maintenance. Have your car technician check the tires and tire pressure, belts, hoses, and all lights and blinkers. Additionally, request that the person in question check the vehicle’s liquids (oil, brake, coolant, and force controlling), test the vehicle’s battery, and replace wiper cutting edges if essential.

Bring emergency essentials

This is another road trip must-do paying little heed to when you travel. However, traveling during COVID-19 adds a few things to your essential kit. Here’s what to pack: first aid box, five gallons of drinking water, jumper links, spare tire or tire-fix unit, electric lamp, new batteries, cover, crisis flares, waterproof matches, a couple of towels or clothes, and durable snacks. Apart from this, stock up on sanitizers, masks, oximeters, hand gloves, thermometer, soaps, and pay special attention to maintain hygiene. Keep some extra pairs of clothes and make sure you regularly change your clothes to contain the virus’s spread.

Digital payments

Online/digital payments are the way to limit physical contact among purchasers and dealers. Download some payment applications like UPI or any other app of your choice and make sure you pay online as much as possible. Be it on gas stations, grocery shops, or food stalls, digital payments can be the life savior and contactless payment solution.

Know the COVID restrictions in each state

Rules like quarantine, night curfew, phased unlock, and mask requirements differ from one state to another. If you plan to cross your state’s border, you need to be aware of the other state’s rules and regulations. It includes gathering current information about the destinations or tourist posts you are planning to visit. Most of such places have limited opening hours or are not open at all.

Research lodging

Whether you are planning the road trip with family or friends, you’ll need to prepare well with regard to lodging facilities during COVID-19. Search for places that fit into your financial plan (clearly) yet that additionally have careful pandemic systems set up. Do not touch the surfaces unnecessarily. Do not touch the TV or an AC remote in the hotel room. Use a hand glove whenever you are going to touch items. Most lodgings list their COVID-19 measures on the landing page of their site. You can choose a hotel that provides a kitchen with your room to do your dinner prep or facilities situated close to cafés where you can order takeout.

Be flexible

The COVID-19 pandemic is a continually advancing circumstance, meaning orders may change from one day to another. However, it’s great to plan to stay flexible and consistently have a backup plan if conditions shift without a second to spare. Road trips are literally about flexibility; you should be open to cutting the trip short or spending one extra day. Especially during the COVID-19 times, give priority to your health and do as your body allows. Do not push yourself much. Have a plan for if you fall sick while traveling or you run out of money.


Make sure you carefully study the route you intend to drive. Carry a digital or paper map and spot the small towns with petrol/gas stations and grocery stores on your way. Last but not least, don’t visit the places that are witnessing a higher number of COVID-19 cases. Because you surely don’t want to go somewhere where you are most exposed to the virus. Use these useful tips to plan a safe and secure road trip. If you are looking for a safe charter bus trip, call today at 1-877-277-6678 and ask for a free charter bus quote.

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