Top 4 Must-Visit Places in Denver

Denver is the most thrilling area to visit in the U.S. Surrounded by mountains, Denver is ideal for individuals who love a touch of open-air adventure. While you might be enticed to go directly toward the Rocky Mountains, there are a lot of activities in Denver you can do with your family or your travel squad. While public transport can be unsafe during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can book a private charter bus at a cheap rate from for a safe tour.

Home to some top-notch museums, excellent parks, and the best music scene in the country, Denver offers the perfect blend of adventure and fun for tourists. You can visit so many excellent Denver attractions safely by hiring a charter or a minibus with better customer service.

Charter Bus Denver

Chautauqua Park

Denver’s Chautauqua Park was established in 1898 and is currently a National Historic Landmark. Chautauqua has a picnic region, a jungle gym, and tennis courts where your squad can unwind and maintain social distancing. Chautauqua asks that your group can no bigger than 10and must wear face covers to contain the spread of Corona virus.

Once you are done with the relaxation, Chautauqua Park offers hiking trails for people who want to spend more time in the Flatirons. The Open Space and Mountain Parks associations care for these scenic trials, which incorporate the Chautauqua Trail, the Baseline Trail, and the

Chartered bus parking spot: Parking is extremely restricted in Chautauqua. There’s a parking garage at the trailhead close to the Ranger Cottage and restricted street parking around the Chautauqua Lawn.

Mile High Flea Market

The Mile High Flea Market is a consolidated place where thousands of street vendors sell food, handmade items, garments, and antique furniture underneath the tents at this 80-acre land complex. The whole market is in open areas and safe for social distancing while you get some natural air. The Farmers’ Market segment offers local food and products throughout the entire year, making it a perfect spot for people looking to try some local food or carry some local products to their country. You can grab a burger or sandwich to eat at a shaded outdoor table.

Charter bus parking: In Mile High Flea Market, you will have plenty of free, accessible, paved parking spots.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Schedule a full-day trip to Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, where you can do activities like hiking, practicing yoga, catching a live concert, and more. The Red Rock park is open every day, one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. You don’t have to pay for entry in the park. Red Rocks Park has two hiking trails.

Start by walking around the theater at the red rock boulders, stop in at the Visitor Center to enjoy Performers Hall of Fame, where you will be able to see the names of seven decades’ worth of performers.

If you are the one who loves long hiking, you can continue to follow the Red Rocks Trail until it associates with the 5.4-mile Dakota Ridge Trail. Look out for grassland canines, red foxes, and Mule deer while you cycle or climb past the cliffs. Ensure to check the Amphitheater’s schedule or call them before visiting as the Amphitheater closes early on live concert days.

Charter bus parking: Red Rocks Park has five parking lots, and some of them allow the parking of large vehicles like charter buses.

Whittier Cafe

Did you know that Whittier Cafe, Denver’s is the only African coffee bar? Yes, the entirety of their espresso comes from African countries, and their extensive porch gives you a safe place to eat outside while maintaining the social distancing. Notwithstanding espresso, Whittier likewise serves African beer and wine, cakes, paninis, and burritos.

Whittier Cafe has also earned the title “the activist’s coffee shop” given occasions like Social Justice Coffee Hour and their equity store. The restaurant additionally has a loaning library, and during non-COVID times, you can go to an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Each Sunday at 2, the baristas cook Ethiopian beans and afterward blend espresso in a conventional earth jebena for the watching visitors to enjoy.

Charter bus parking: The place offers many street parking and paid parking lots where you can park the bus.

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