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5 Best Cabin Vacation Spots for this Fall

Are you looking for an amazing vacation idea before the fall season ends? We recommend a cabin rental vacation as a relaxing way to disconnect from busy lives. The beautiful views, combined with the serenity and privacy a cabin has to offer, makes for a wonderful vacation idea. And what better time for a cabin vacation than fall? The leaves are varied in beautiful colors, and the air is crisp and cool. Below are five best cabin vacation spots for this fall.


Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

If you’re looking for one of the best cabin spots, you’re looking for Rocky Mountain National Park. Not only do they offer some of the best cabins in the country, but they also come with amazing views. In the fall, trees sway with red, orange, and yellow leaves, making it a great hiking spot as well. The east entrance lies in Estes Park and the west entrance likes in Grand Lakes. Both cities are close to wildlife and countless miles of trails. At Estes Park, you can choose cozy cabins from 2 to larger cabins for 10+. At Grand Lakes, you can choose condos or multi-family homes near activity-centered areas.


Hocking Hills, OH

Hocking Hills is one of the midwest’s coveted cabin vacation spots, nestled between cliffs, waterfalls, and vibrant forest. The place offers plenty of things to do, such as fishing, biking, and hiking. Hocking Hills offers a variety of cabins, one of the most popular options being a treehouse. Here, you can admire nature from a cabin 20 feet above the ground. Other options include cabins and small family homes on the ground. These standardly come with a hot tub, fireplace, and more amenities.


Big Bear Lake, CA

Just two hours away from the busy city life of LA, Big Bear Lake and the surrounding region offers a true getaway from the spotlight. It offers a variety of things to do both solo and for the family, like fishing, boating, swimming, and more fun outdoor activities. More interesting things to do include horseback riding through trails or mountain biking through the forest passages. And the cabins aren’t shy of amazing either. Most options give off a elegant and luxurious feel, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for the natural beauty of Big Bear Lake.


Gatlinburg, TN

One of the best cabin rental spots in the U.S. is Gatlinburg, which sits on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains. Here, there is something for everyone. You can fish, hike, camp, or even rent ATV’s for an off-road ride. There’s miles of trails to explore, where you can see beautiful flora and fauna. In the winter, you can ski and snowboard on the nearby slopes. For staying here, one of the best options is to rent a cabin in the hills, where you’ll be close to both the activity-filled town and the slopes.


Blue Ridge, GA

Blue Ridge is a small, mountainside town located in the Appalachian Mountains Range. At Blue Ridge, there is no shortage of things to do. In the spring through fall, miles of hiking trails are open for exploring, as well as water tubing and more. Here, you’ll be able to spot plenty of wildlife, especially deer. The best choice for cabin rentals here is probably the log cabins, which come with hot tubs, a fire pit outside, a fireplace, and even cable so you can sit back and watch your favorite show or movie. If you’re looking for a quiet and secluded place for a cabin vacation, Blue Ridge is the place to head to.


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The 5 Most Famous Theme Parks in the US


Each year, millions of tourists flock to famous theme parks to spend a day, or even more. Walt Disney, Universal, SeaWorld – these are a few of the most famous theme parks, not just in the US, but in the world. They draw in billions of dollars each year and their ownerships are responsible for things like movies, restaurants, shows, and more. Many of these parks are responsible for the amazing memories of our childhood. Below, we compiled a short list of the most famous theme parks in the country.



Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL

Walt Disney is the largest and most famous theme park in the U.S. Each day, they draw in countless visitors eager to relive some of their favorite childhood moments. You can watch remakes of famous shows or ride a movie-based roller coaster. At Walt Disney, there are things to do for each guest, no matter the age. In fact, there is so many things to do that it’s impossible to do everything within every park in one day. If you’re looking to visit a theme park with endless options of things to do, head to Walt Disney World.



Universal Studios – Los Angeles, CA & Orlando, FL

While Disney is to relive famous childhood moments, Universal is the place to live your current. Countless visitors flock to both locations to ride their famous coasters, hoping for a chance to satisfy their thirst for adrenaline. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series, you’ll definitely enjoy Universal as it has a dedicated park for the series. You won’t be disappointed by the sheer amount of fun things to do at Universal Studios.



SeaWorld – San Diego, CA & Orlando, FL

If you love animals, especially aquatic ones, you have to visit SeaWorld. Both locations are famous for their famous animal shows, especially the Orlando location with it’s One Ocean killer whale show. At SeaWorld, you can watch funny and entertaining animal shows, ride exhilarating roller coasters and water based rides, and eat great food at the several restaurants on both locations. SeaWorld is one of the more educational theme parks, teaching kids and adults alike about the creatures of our oceans.

Disneyland – Anaheim, CA

While it may not be as large as its Orlando cousin, this first Disney Park is no lightweight. It opened in 1955 and has been attracting millions to date. Just like the Orlando park, Disneyland has something for all age groups. From classic rollercoasters to Disneyland exclusives, there is something for everyone. If you’re on the West Coast looking for a magical theme park visit, you have to head to Disneyland.



Busch Gardens – Tampa, FL & Williamsburg, VA

If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, Busch Gardens is definitely the park for you. With some of the best roller coasters in the country, it is no surprise that Busch Gardens made the cut as one of the most famous theme parks. The Tampa location is home to one of the scariest roller coasters in Florida, the Tigris. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with either location. Both parks feature a variety of animals, from tigers to exotic birds. If you get an opportunity, don’t pass on Busch Gardens!


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50 Fun Fall Activity Ideas

It’s finally that wonderful time where the air gets cooler and the leaves change into beautiful orange, yellow, and red colors. The air is clean and crisp, and the weather is finally cooling down. While summer may be the most awaited time of the year, fall offers a chance to take a break from the warmer months and head into a more relaxed time. Need some inspiration for coming up with ideas? Don’t worry, Prompt Charters has you covered! This article consists of 50 fun fall activity ideas that you can do with friends, family, or just by yourself. Happy reading!


  1. Take a camping trip
  2. Go on a nature hike
  3. Attend a local fall festival
  4. Navigate through a corn maze
  5. Attend a local football game
  6. Go fruit picking at a field/orchard
  7. Go on a hayride
  8. Make fall pies
  9. Rent a cabin in the mountains
  10. Roast marshmallows
  11. Collect beautiful and interesting leaves
  12. Have a picnic at a local forest or park
  13. Build a bonfire
  14. Make tasty smores
  15. Visit an amusement park
  16. Host a fall party in your backyard
  17. Visit family in other cities/states
  18. Visit a national park
  19. Take the kids kite-flying
  20. Travel during Thanksgiving break
  21. Take a countryside drive
  22. Go pumpkin picking
  23. Make popcorn
  24. Roast pumpkin seeds
  25. Run a fall race
  26. Help your kids make DIY fall decorations
  27. Visit a petting zoo
  28. Carve a pumpkin as a family
  29. Enter a pumpkin decorating contest
  30. Take a bike ride through the countryside as a family
  31. Make hot chocolate
  32. Jump into a huge leaf pile
  33. Host a fall scavenger hunt
  34. Attend a fall parade
  35. Visit a local farm
  36. Schedule a family photoshoot
  37. Make handprint turkeys with the kids
  38. Tell funny/scary stories by the fireplace
  39. Make a fort out of leaves
  40. Make personalized Thanksgiving place mats for the fam
  41. List what you’re thankful for as a family
  42. Go hunting for Thanksgiving dinner
  43. Attempt to recreate an old family recipe
  44. Take part in a chilli cook-off competition
  45. Volunteer at local shelters and food kitchens
  46. Donate food and clothes to the less fortunate
  47. Take a hot air balloon ride
  48. Begin Christmas shopping
  49. Make a special dessert for Thanksgiving dinner
  50. Have a family movie night

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A Pleasure Trip to Palmetto, Florida

Palmetto is a city in Manatee County, Florida, USA. Let’s check out the most important tourist attractions of Palmetto.

1. Felts Audubon Preserve
2. Emerson Point Preserve
3. Detwiler’s Farm Market
4. Manatee Convention Center
5. Manatee County Agricultural Museum
6. Manatee Convention Center

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