Fun Activities to do During Spring Break

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Spring is coming, and most students have their spring break coming up. If you have no idea how to spend the last break before summer, this article is for you. From beaches and other outdoor activities to fun things you can do indoor, our article says it all. Read below on how to stay bored-free during Spring Break 2019.


Beaches are the most spring-break related destination probably on the North American continent. Beaches have it all, from high-class resorts to fun water activities. Known for its college students partying on beaches, they’ve gained a reputation as only a party place. At a beach, there is so much more to do than party with your friends. While this may be fun, have you been jet skiing, surfing, or even snorkeling in the water? These are just a few of the water activities at the beach. Popular beaches in the United States include Daytona Beach, Miami Beach, Las Vegas Beaches, Panama City Beach, and several more. Notice how most of the listed beaches are in Florida, so you might want to bring lotion to keep you from getting burnt by the hot sun.


Go Hiking or Bike Riding on a Scenic Trail

Another great outdoor activity/destination for spring break is hiking or bike riding on your favorite trail. Spending time on trails is a great way to relax and experience the beauty of mother nature at the same time. Plus, you can maybe grab a picture or two next to some beautiful plants for your social media. For the best pictures, coming at sunrise might be a good idea. You can catch that beautiful glimpse of the sun rising over the treetops, exposing the bright foliage which lies on the trail. Another benefit of coming at sunrise is that you have the rest of the day to explore the trail and nearby areas. Also, many national park features famous trails, so visiting both is a time well-spent.


Visit your Family

One of the best things to do over spring break is to visit your family back home. You’ve been at college or out for a while, away from those who love you. The week-long break offers a great time to get back to that, go places with them, and so much more. A great way to go back may be a surprise visit, which would really make them happy. There’s so much you can do with them back home, from exploring the city or area you grew up in to eating at all your favorite spots. C’mon, who doesn’t like reliving their favorite childhood memories?


Spend Time with Your Friends

Many students spend the break week hanging out with their friends. During the semester, there isn’t much time to relax and catch up with your besties, but the break offers a great time to. There’s a variety of things you can do with them, from just doing local activities to taking a road trip. There are many scientific benefits for spending time with friends. One of the major ones for students is coping with stress. Spending time with those you are close to, such as friends and family, help reduce your stress. Being stress-free in college is practically impossible, so reducing it is your best option.



One of the favorite activities to do during spring break is to travel. Traveling and visiting interesting places also may help reduce stress. Not only is it fun, but it can be made into a group thing. What if all your college friends went on a road trip together? What if you all visit a major city that you’ve wanted to explore? There are just so many places you can visit and travel to. One of the best ways to travel is by chartered bus, which Prompt Charters specializes in. The versatility and size of the buses makes it very popular among travelers. Our bus models can seat up to 60 passengers, so traveling in a large group should not be a problem with us. Book a bus with Prompt Charters, and we’ll make sure you have the best spring break “road trip” ever.

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