Minibus vs Van for Small Group Travel – Which is Better?

You might be a frequent traveler, but you probably know that group travel can sometimes be difficult to coordinate. When you consider which vehicle to pick, a large van might be your first thought. Well, did you know minibuses are better than vans for small group travel? They’re one of the best ways to transport small groups to school events, church activities, and business trips. Below are the major reasons why you should pick a minibus over a van for small group travel.


Larger Capacity

Well, the first reason the minibus is better for traveling than a van is the larger carrying capacity. Coming in several different sizes, our minibuses are capable of holding anywhere from 15 to 37 passengers. On the other hand, most vans can carry only about 12 passengers. Prompt Charters has access to countless minibuses, including coach styles. Even if you don’t have up to 15 passengers, riders can still stretch out in different areas of the minibus if they choose.


More Storage

Aside from being able to fit more passengers, a minibus also has more storage options than a van. Most feature overhead bins for carryon items and baggage, as well as space under the seat to store a purse or a backpack. Most vans don’t have an overhead bin, and only have a tiny space under each seat to store anything. If passengers are bringing plenty of luggage or souvenirs back from their trip, a minibus is the best option with its extra storage options.


Added Comfort

Speaking of “extra”, minibuses feature extra comfort compared to a van. The first thing different is the seat itself. A lot of vans have the uncomfortable bench seats, which forces you to squeeze in next to another passenger. On the other hand, the seats on minibuses are separated, so each passenger can enjoy their own space without being in another passenger’s lap. They also have spacious center isles, which makes entry and exit from the vehicle easier. Most of our minibus models feature extra legroom as well, so tall passengers don’t have to be uncomfortable on their ride.


Safer Travel

One of the most important choices about vehicles is which one’s safer. Vans are usually not as strong compared to minibuses, basically due to their weaker build. In the event of an accident, the steel walls on the side of the minibus will protect the passengers a lot more than those of a van.


Extra Amenities

Everyone likes to enjoy their ride. In a van, all there is a radio, speakers, and air conditioning. On the other hand, minibuses can be loading with extra features that make the ride more enjoyable. Depending on the model or request of the client, our minibuses can feature large windows, PA system for music, comfortable seats, flat screen televisions, and even Wi-Fi. C’mon, who doesn’t enjoy watching a show, reading an online book, or something else regarding the internet on a long road trip? When you book with Prompt Charters, these and many more amenities are offered and available.


Experienced Drivers

As Prompt Charters, we pride ourselves in our employees, especially our drivers. Not only are they highly trained and qualified for the job, but they also are knowledgeable about the roads you’re traveling on. A good reason to pick our minibus over a van is because we offer a designated driver. For the duration of your trip, our driver will drive you and stay nearby when you stop at a hotel. Once the trip is done, he will drive you back to the original pick up point. Also, many of our bus drivers are great tour guides, so you might be able to talk to them about your trip destination. Our trained drivers are just another reason to pick our minibuses over a van.

These were just a few reasons as to why minibuses is the better option compared to a van. Because they feature more space and added comfort, a minibus is one of our most popular chartered vehicles. As one of the best in the business, Prompt Charters offers a variety of vehicles, including minibuses of various sizes, large motor coaches, party buses, and more. From transporting you for a church activity to a business trip, Prompt Charters can do it all. To learn more about our vehicles, visit To get a personalized, detailed quote, call our team at ☎ 1-877-277-6678. Happy Travels!


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