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Prompt Charters is one of the best charter bus service provider who can manage almost all charter bus events and charter bus vehicles.

Corporate Travel

The Prompt Charters undertake the Corporate Travel Service understanding your full travel needs along with one- to –one business deal with the corporate houses for that matter. We the Prompt Charters (PROMPT CHARTERS) cater to your corporate travel needs as we do it for a plethora of companies ranging from Technological wizards to oil companies to major retailers, construction to sports being some among them.

Our latest technology in dealing with your travel needs going in hand in hand with the art booking systems, along with our professional buying power make sure that your expectations meets our service.

Group Travel

Are you planning to make a group trip to the destination of your choice. The Prompt Charters with our decade long service in the field can render you the travel apache that can far exceed your expectations of a group enjoyment and travel.

The Group Travel will enhance your experience to share your travel experience with your group members and we the Prompt Charters can give you the information and guidelines that are sure to make your trip a hit.

We the PROMPT CHARTERS ensure you itineraries are well planned and thought out along with its blend of sightseeing and activities.

Our optional excursions package is sure to give hype to your travel experience.

Bachelor/ette Parties

You are making use of the PROMPT CHARTERS charter bus rental services means a plethora of professional services are going to be available for you ;
Prompt info about the latest trends in the Bachelor/ette parties
Outfit makeover along with the shopping at trendiest shops and stores in your chosen city
We can give you professional advice on-Massage, manicure, pedicure along with the trendiest spas.

Enjoy with us the exciting Night club Tour
We can help you to get the VIP option for exclusive table service and enjoy drinks and funs!

What´s more! The PROMPT CHARTERS can customize your package tour package in accordance with your demands

Political/Religious Conventions

Why should you depend on us and what give us the competitive advantage over our competitors in this field. The answer is simple-our professional approach, competitiveness both in service and rates along with our decade long experience in the field.

For the PRC, no matter if you are with the small group or with the big group…we can give you the best possible services.

We can arrange your trip to the place of convention in rapport with the organizers of the event and without any worry we assure you the hassle free trip to the destination on time.

Moreover, we can also customize the trip in such a way that you will be able to enjoy the nearby points of destinations as well. You can enjoy out city sightseeing tours as ell and it will be a grand promise to your guests for that matter.

Trade Shows

We know that for your business needs and for general purpose, you are much desirous of attending the trade shows as family or a group. Let it be for any number of people, we the PROMPT CHARTERS can arrange for you proper charter bus rentals to make you enjoy the fair and trade show –let it be an exhibition, a trade fair, a conference, or anything of the sort for that matter.

What we can do is to customize the tour package to suit your needs and demands.
Our professional team of experts can cater to your need as the exhibitor, a group traveler, an individual traveler, or trade association, as well.

Emergency Evacuation

The PROMPT CHARTERS professional team is highly skilled when it comes to the evacuation package.

You can depend on us for the evacuation efforts and we are highly aware of the Special speed limit sign in the US for evacuation routes, and the PROMPT CHARTERS has the requisite drivers in our pool to keep up the safe speed as well.

Evacuations normally are executed in three phases like before, during or after in areas like;

Political Campaigns
Being a professional charter bus rental agency, the PROMPT CHARTERS can render you the campaign bus tour; estimate distances using mileage keys, along with panning detailed itineraries, and schedule events as well.

In case if you are looking for the fleet of vehicles for the political campaigns which demand speed and accuracy of destinations, then you can just depend on us the PROMPT CHARTERS for your charter services.

Our decade long experience in rendering professional charter bus rentals to various political parties and groups have made us experienced with regard to their expectations and demands and we can just cater to your professional needs as well.

School Field Trips

If you are in search of the unique and fun oriented school field trip, then the PROMPT CHARTERS school field trip package can help you for the memorable journey. We can give you special package of tour for you to fit into your needs like the elementary, middle school, junior high and high school students, etc. that too at competitive rates of packages.

We can ensure you safety and comfort while traveling as we know that these are the two points that you are much concerned about while opting for the school trip.

Religious Conventions

For attending religious conventions, we can arrange for the fleet of your choice from our plethora of vehicles and we can ensure you timely reach and hassle free journey as well.

Family Reunion

For the Family Reunion trips we the PROMPT CHARTERS can give you the following tips
Make a list
Email or contact them
Make proper budget
Share rooms in small groups
We can even suggest you the best destinations here in the US from our experience so that your trip to family reunion will be an eventful one.