Bus Wraps





There are several ways to expand your customer base or promote a new product to the market. But nothing comes even close to what we call a targeted bus campaign. In this campaign, we customize a coach bus with a full wrap that present and proclaim a product service or a political or social message. We create impulsive colorful, attractive visual displays that can stimulate customers to subscribe to your products and services. It is a noninvasive but captivating way of reaching out to thousands of potential customers.

Bus wrap is the most effective way to reach out to prospective customers. Getting to customers is very important. Bus wrap is a proven and tested medium of marketing and branding. If your company is launching a new product or if you want to advance your brand, a bus warp is an effective way. Bus wraps give impressive visual displays.

Prompt Charters can use our market knowledge and expertise to come up with a remarkable campaign. Over the years Prompt Charters successfully executed many bus wrap campaigns.

You can wrap the bus in many ways. Full wrap and the half wrap is available also full ribbon and half ribbon.

How Much it costs to do a bus wrap?

The bus wrap cost varies. A typical full vinyl full wrap can be done from $ 7500- $ 1200 range. If you do not have the graphics, our designers can create one, however, that will be an additional cost.

How Effective is a bus wrap campaign?

In fact, a bus campaign is the most productive and influential kind of marketing. While a billboard stays on a highway, this bus can reach anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 people a day.


Renting a wraped bus is very easy. You just fill the quote-form or email us the details to sales@promptcharters.com. You will receive a quote/confirmation from us. If you require immediate assistance, please call our 24 hours customer service line at 877 277 6678