School Field Trips

For the past many years, had the opportunity serve schools throughout North America. From Field Trips to Outings, we have been a trusted charter bus service provider for many schools. We’ve consistently provided, Safe, Reliable, and and economic service to all the schools we’ve served.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before booking a charter bus service:

  • ☑ Establish the purpose of the trip (what is to be accomplished in the trip).

  • ☑ Consider your Budget, this should be easier after having established the specific goals you have in mind for the trip.

  • ☑ Plan with the budget in mind, we recommend you plan a few months in advance to make sure you get the service suited to your specific needs (also establish the size of the group participating in the trip, the availability of chaperones, permissions you may need from parents and students, the number of buses needed to accommodate the students, faculty, and chaperones/parents).

  • ☑ Research the Charter bus services in your area that provide the service suited to your needs.

  • ☑ Contact the Charter Bus services you have researched and discuss your travel plans with them.

  • ☑ Narrow down your choices of which Companies offered services that best suits your plan, to the very best company you believe will be the best fit for your trip.

Please reserve the bus for your next trip.