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One of the best charter bus providers in Virginia Beach. Our rates are comparitively cheap. Call us today to get the best rate for Deluxe Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Party Bus, Limousines, Van and more... for any of your charter bus events.


Prompt Charters is the # 1 charter bus rental and mini bus rental company in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With a fleet of over 100 vehicles, we can manage all types of charter bus needs in town. Call us today at 877 277 6678 to book your next trip with us.


Charter Bus Rental And Mini Bus Rental In Virginia Beach.


Virginia Beach is a great place to have your wedding. Prompt Charters can provide mini bus and coach buses for rehersal dinner and to transport your guests to the ceremont and reception. This city is alos has many places to hold corporate events. As the leading charter bus company in town we manage many corporate bus transportation. A dedeicate team of travel counselleors are available to plan and execute your tours.



With 35 miles of waterfront property, Virginia Beach has long been considered a "classic American beach vacation" spot. The Chesapeake Bay, Resort area and Sand Bridge are three of the distinct beaches within the city where you can enjoy a calm, peaceful beach setting or be right in the middle of all the action. Whatever it is you desire in a beach, the lovely stretch of Virginia coast aims to please. You can also find Virginia Beach as a perfect destination for all your entertainment as well as for all other occasional travels. It may vary from Corporate Travel, Group Travel, Bachelor/ette Party, Wedding, Convention, Trade Show, Emergency Evacuation, Political Campaign, School Field Trip, and Airport Transportation to Religious Conventions.  


In Virginia Beach there are more than soft sands and rolling waves. It's the way you feel when your lungs fill with salt air and the possibility of a day all to yourself. Or the sensation of the warm sun as it evaporates tiny drops of ocean from your skin. There's the echo of birds and laughter that cause you to wonder what you'll see when you open your eyes. You might be dreaming, you might be feeling this for the first time in a long time. You might be more yourself than ever.  


Moving single file along a natural waterway framed by marsh reeds, shaded by oaks and an occasional loblolly pine, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge seemed unending; wild, really wild. On the way to Sand Bridge, you can find Volkswagen Beetles and turtles to count. On a perfect sunny morning, peddle through the natural channels of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a remarkable wilderness.  


Enjoy a turtle spotting game at Back Bay- turtle heaven. On the shores red-bellied, painted, eastern mud and snapping turtles are most common. Channel along the waterways lined with cattails. Enjoy eating wild black berries, find deer’s passing through the marsh grasses. On a scenic ride along the waterways on a fresh morning, you will enjoy Spiky flowers moved with the breeze and the sun baked fresh tracks on mud patches along the shore.  


Navigating the Back Bay by kayak is the best chance to move almost silently in the wilderness. In addition to enjoying the beautiful feeling of remoteness, you can hear stories from your guide about the earliest residents and how they survived by using the plants in the area for food, shelter and medicine.  

Stillwater kayaking offers all ages a chance to experience nature at its best without facing extreme challenges associated with whitewater or ocean waves. With young children it's a way to create down time; share the quiet of nature; count turtles or bird nests. If you've never fished blue water, there's a routine you'll be a part of that could quickly become your habit.  


From sophisticated to hip to classic, there are shopping choices for everyone. The Virginia Beach’s malls, boutiques and shopping centers are nearby or easily accessible, so get ready to fill those shopping bags with wonderful treasures. Make transportation much easier through the roads and shorelines of Virginia Beach. Get quotes and choose from one of those Charter Buses, Mini Buses, School Buses, Party Buses, Entertainer, Limousines, Limo Buses, Hummers, and SUVs. Make your travel much comfortable and more enjoyable with us.


Finding the right transportation provider is always a challenge for corporations and for private individuals. Ranked as the premier leader in ground transportation services in United States and Canada over the years my many credible agencies, Prompt Charters  provide all types of transportation services such as mini bus, coach bus, charter bus, school bus and executive charter bus rental in throughout Texas. If you need a charter bus for hire please contact us. We guarantee the best possible charter bus rates. Our booking process is simple and our people are easy to work with. Over the years we were able to build the trust of thousands of our customers. Ninety per cent of our business is repeat customers. If you are looking for Charter Bus Virginia Beach, we will be happy to help you.


Corporate Travel


Planning a corporate retreat or conference can often be a tedious task. Planning the ground transportation can be even more difficult. It involves many variables such as number of people, frequency of the service etc. We excel in ground transportation management for corporate clients and we have great reputation for having managed many corporate events. A Major portion of our business is corporate travel and travel management services.  Picking your employees from airport to shuttling large groups to and from large events, we do it all very efficiently. Whether you are holding a sales conference or shareholders meeting we got you covered. When it comes to corporate travel management, it has to be done meticulously and economically. Armed with a team of professionals and coupled with cutting edge technology, we will be able to do a superb job on your travel plans.


Our fleet consists of luxury sedans, vans, mini buses, coach buses, school buses and executive buses.


From the beginning, we will work with you. A travel coordinator will be assigned you and that person will in charge of planning, executing the travel arrangements. If your group size is over 1,000, a team of travel planners will be assigned the task and we'll make sure all goes well without a hitch.


School Field Trips.


Schools are always on the lookout for cheaper options for transporting children to field trips. Field trip planning requires finding the right charter bus company for your school. Finding a coach bus or school bus for a last minute trip can be tedious and time consuming. Our seasoned staff with core understanding of the needs of the teachers and coaches, we can be a partner in your travel.


Church Trips


Religious organizations, especially churches often look for a reliable

partner for transportation for conferences, retreats and other events. We have helped numerous religious organizations with camps and retreats in the past. If you are planning for a youth retreat or a church conference, we will be happy to work with you and make your trip a memorable one. We will also help you find a retreat center, if you are looking for one. Over the years we have worked with major organization such as Salvation, Army, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Potter’s House, Focus on the Family and Campus Crusade For Christ.


Political Campaigns


As an experienced charter bus company, having done so many political campaign, we have the knowledge and experience to manage your next political campaign. We had the privilege of managing many political campaigns including presidential campaign in the past.  If you are looking for a trustworthy partner for your next campaign, let us know and we can work with you.




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